In the servicing menu, it can be seen in the car condition bar that every car has 7 red 'bars' and 17 green 'bars'. If the car condition goes into the red, then the car loses performance.

From testing, car condition decreases at a rate of 0.8 'bars' per kilometer driven (or 1.25 km driven per 'bar'). It is independent of car damage, speed driven or time taken. This means a car can be driven 21.25 km before it needs servicing.

However, driving off-track will decrease car condition much more rapidly. A rough estimate is that driving off-road decreases at a rate of ~5.6 'bars' per kilometer driven (or ~0.18 km driven per 'bar'), a ~600% increase in damage. Note that this includes ANY driving off-track, even if two wheels are off-track but two-wheels remain on track. Driving off-track is accompanied by an off-road sound effect to warn a player.

A table of how many 'bars' a car's condition decreases per lap:

Circuit Variant Length per lap (km) Condition decrease per lap
Autodromo Nazionale Monza Junior Course 2.45 2.0
Road Course 5.82 4.7
Brands Hatch Indy Circuit 1.93 1.5
Circuit de Catalunya GP Circuit 4.67 3.7
National Circuit 3.10 2.5
Club Circuit 1.73 1.4
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps 7.05 5.6
Circuit des 24 Heures 13.63 10.9
Daytona International Speedway Motorcycle Course 4.47
Road Course 5.77
Dubai Autodrome Grand Prix Circuit 5.41 4.3
International Circuit 4.35 3.5
Hill Circuit 1.76 1.4
Oval Circuit 1.14 0.9
National Circuit 3.60 2.9
Club Circuit 2.56 2.0
Formula E Hong Kong Circuit
Hockenheimring Short 2.61 2.1
National 3.71 3.0
Grand Prix Circuit 4.57 3.7
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Speedway 4.03 3.2
Road Course 4.03 3.2
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 3.60 2.9
Melbourne 2.62 2.1
Mount Panorama 6.22 5.0
Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit 5.15 4.1
Müllenbachschleife 1.50
Sprint Circuit 3.63 2.9
Porsche Test Track Dynamic Circuit 2.25
On-road Circuit (Long) 3.79
On-road Circuit (Short) 2.03
Richmond International Raceway 1.13
Silverstone The Grand Prix Circuit 5.86 4.7
The International Circuit 2.99 2.4
The National Circuit 2.65 2.1
The Bridge Grand Prix Circuit 2009 5.14 4.1
Suzuka Circuit Grand Prix Circuit 5.79 4.6
East Circuit 2.25 1.8
West Circuit 3.45 2.8

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