• Kuzz

    I'm disgusted

    June 21, 2017 by Kuzz

    What’s up. Jesus returned here to give some thoughts about the game. First of all foremost I would like to say that this isn’t really a sign of me returning; this is more or less a hello, how ya doing and good bye kind of post thus meaning I’m not here to edit.

    Some while ago I decided to quit RR3 because it just wasn’t worth it and that I wanted to focus on other priorities in life. The first step was the wiki, then later on the game in general. That was like one to two years ago and I am still continuing to this day to grow as a human being. But after some time passes you do kind of want to see how things have ended up since you left. So in February or something-ish I went back to see how things have changed and boy have I become disguste…

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  • Kuzz

    Lets talk Policy

    August 6, 2015 by Kuzz

    Discussion Thread:34916

    The Real Racing 3 is a Wiki primarily dedicated to the game Real Racing 3, developed by Firemonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts. Everyone are welcome to edit and contribute to this Wiki, however, there are a set of rules that every user must follow. You as a user have agreed to follow this policy once you've done your first contribution (editing/commenting etc) to this Wiki.

    It is important to notice that the Real Racing 3 Wiki is not affiliated with Firemonkeys Studios or Electronic Arts at all. It is completely unaffiliated with the development process.

    • All users are welcome to edit this Wiki such as articles, templates and etc.
    • Any edits made to this Wiki must be relevant to Real Racing 3 in some form.
    • Unre…

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  • Kuzz

    Let's wrap up the Survey!

    July 30, 2015 by Kuzz
    So for about three months on a sunny day in May I created this Survey to get some greater input about the Wiki's current state and what you guys (all but one who answered the survey who specified their gender) think and as an Administrator for this Wiki I thought that I would address some of the points you've brought up to the table.

    The first question here gave you the opportunity to report issues or give feedback to things that could be changed. The vast majority seemed happy about how this Wiki looks visually but there were some questions under this question that I think was worth bringing up. Where as these are only two questions, don't worry, we're only getting started :|

    • Is it possible to replace the Other Wiki's section at the Main pa…

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  • Kuzz

    As the pages for Racing series are slowly moving away from being category pages to actual articles, many may not be hooked on how you edit these pages, especially since not everyone may be familiar with templates and how they are structured. This is why this blog post is being made as a guideline on how these pages shall be edited to minimize the risk of screw-ups.

    And since we have new Racing series such as Track Aces and GT4 Renegades and GT3 World Series being altered this couldn't be any more relevant to bring up at the moment.

    The pages as you may have noticed is introduced with a brief text on the main content of the article pages with information about how many events are in the series, how many tiers, how many cars are included, how …

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  • Kuzz

    The Pulse - Week 6/2015

    February 8, 2015 by Kuzz

    Wanted to squeeze one in last week but I didn't have enough material to do so now lets do this!

    So right now the Exclusive Reveal challenge has just kicked off and I think it's going pretty well. This also gave us the oppurtunity to try out a completely brand new way of editing tables which should make it easier for everyone to contribute. For those who need some help to understand the template, there's a user blog just for you that I made a couple of days ago.

    But for my evaluation I think it's working pretty alright at the moment and I've seen several users edit these templates without any problems. I also want to thank the ones who gave me tips on how to tweak the template so that it would look better.

    Now it's a pretty quick change but it…

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