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A fully upgraded car can race twice as long before servicing, customize for FREE and does not use DRIVE
— In-game description

What are Upgrades?

Upgrades are one of the key things in Real Racing 3 that will get you through a series without buying more cars. Upgrades are the only way to improve a car's PR (Performance Rating) in the game. Upgrades will boost the car's top speed, acceleration, braking distance, and grip, and can help win tougher races.

Once a car is fully upgraded, it is subject to the following benefits:

  • The car can race twice as far before having to service.
  • You can customize your car for free.
  • No Drive is required to run Time Trials.
  • Certain cars have access to their associated Exclusive Series.

Types of Upgrades

There are 7 different parts of the car that the player can upgrade that will improve 2 stats. Here are the types and what the improve. Not all the types are in all the cars. Notice that all the cars have these types. Body, Suspension and Exhaust are only in some cars.

  • Engine = Higher Top Speed (mph/kph) and Faster Acceleration (s)
  • Drivetrain = Faster Acceleration (s) and Higher Top Speed (mph/kph)
  • Body = Higher Top Speed (mph/kph) and Faster Acceleration (s)
  • Suspension = Higher Cornering (g) and Shorter Braking (ft/m)
  • Exhaust = Higher Top Speed (mph/kph) and Faster Acceleration (s)
  • Brakes = Shorter Braking (ft/m) and Higher Cornering (g)
  • Tires & Wheels = Higher Cornering (g) and Faster Acceleration (s)

Max number for each upgrades type

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