• The upgrades template, used to display the upgrade costs for cars on their article page has had a makeover, all 133 car page have been updated with the template and now display totals. The existing data is unchanged, all the work to format the car upgrade data is calculated by the template code behind the scenes. When car upgrade costs in R$ or Icon Gold are entered into the upgrade template the costs will automatically format, calculate and total.


    There are three parts to the upgrade template, the headings, the data and the total:

    Upgrade Duration R$icon Icon Gold
    1 Engine: Cold Air Intake 30 Minutes 13,500 3
    2 Engine: Competition Engine Tuning 1 Hour 15 Minutes 20,300 5
    3 Engine: Competition Throttle Body 3 Hours 20 Minutes 30,500 8
    4 Engine: Increase Engine Bore 12
    5 Engine: Performance Intake Manifold 12 Hours 68,600 18
    6 Engine: Competition Cam-shaft 28
    7 Engine: Competition Cylinder Heads 1 Day 154,300 42
    8 Engine: High Performance Supercharger Pulley Kit 60
    TOTAL: 8 1 day 17 hours 5 minutes 64,300
    100 /
    Colour keys
    White R$icon purchase before any Icon Gold upgrades
    Or Icon Gold instant purchase
    Green R$icon purchase after any Icon Gold upgrades
    Red Icon Gold only purchase

    For upgrades, including PR values, please see the project page General Discussion/@comment-RR3 Michael P-20151213211238, please be aware PR values can vary, depending on the upgrade order.

    {{R/upgrades|1|Engine|Cold Air Intake|30 minutes|13,500|3}}
    {{R/upgrades|2|Engine|Competition Engine Tuning|1 hour 15 minutes|20,300|5}}
    {{R/upgrades|4|Engine|Increase Engine Bore|||12}}
    {{R/upgrades|5|Engine|Performance Intake Manifold|12 hours|68,600|18}}
    {{R/upgrades|6|Engine|Competition Cam-Shaft|||28}}
    {{R/upgrades|7|Engine|Competition Cylinder Heads|1 day|154,300|42}}
    {{R/upgrades|8|Engine|High Performance Supercharger Pulley Kit|||60}}
    {{T/upgrades|1 day 17 hours 5 minutes}}

    Technical details


    The heading has no input data, it formats the table headings and configures the columns for sorting.

    Upgrade Data

    The upgrade data takes upto 6 data inputs, separated by a pipe |, for example:

    {{R/upgrades|1|Engine|Cold Air Intake|30 minutes|13,500|3}}

    Upgrade source

    In this example :

    1. 1 = The number of the upgrade, 1 being the first upgrade, this should be in a value format.
    2. Engine = The component being upgraded, either Engine, Drivetrain, Body, Suspension, Exhaust, Brakes or Tires & Wheels
    3. Cold Air Intake = Description of the upgrade (number 3 in the above screen grab)
    4. 30 minutes = The length of time the upgrade will take, use the format day(s), hour(s) minute(s) (empty for Gold only upgrades) (number 4 in the above screen grab)
    5. 13,500 = R$ upgrade cost, this should be in a value format, either 13500 or 13,500, if the comma separator isn't entered, it will automatically be added (empty for Gold only upgrades) (number 5 in the above screen grab)
    6. 3 = Upgrade cost in Icon Gold, this should be in a value format (number 6 in the above screen grab)


    {{T/upgrades|1 day 17 hours 5 minutes}}

    In this example :

    1. 1 day 17 hours 5 minutes = The total upgrade time, if all upgrades are completed consecutively. It is free text, the total needs to be manually calculated and entered, if empty the total will be blank.


    This the second template to be created as part of the project to automatically add totals to data. This follows on from the Manufacturers page.


    Any problems or comments, please feel free to post a comment below or on my message wall. Thank you for your support.

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    • Great job. Id like to specify that total upgrade time refers to the time it would take if each upgrade was done as the last one finished, meaning most of the time, only Engine needs to be considered, as all other upgrades would be done before that tree

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    • A FANDOM user
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