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    RR3 Michael P closed this thread because:
    Admins selected, thanks all!
    11:59, December 10, 2016

    RR3G'hamO. has decided to reduce his involvement in RR3 and this Wikia, although he will still be connected to Wikia(s) so will probably be popping in from time to time, and can stay on as a background admin for as long as needed, he has lost the passion for RR3. An opportunity has therefore arisen for another admin or group of admins, the main duties are:

    • Monitor the Wikia, proof read, grammar check, in English. Confirm the accuracy of the information entered on a daily basis. Attention to detail is a crucial attribute. Check for vandalism, rollback edits and as a last resort ban users.
    • Regular updates, with myself, on the calendar, hot on the wiki, main page etc.
    • Research other sources, for useful information on upcoming events.
    • I am happy to continue with my role, mainly the RR3.Wikia design, code and tips pages, as well as any comments ppl have. My contribution level will remain, as it is now.
    • I am willing to consider appointing a few administrators to lighten the load, possibly in a daily rota, possibly proof reading and monitoring between set times. Everyone will need to be involved at new release time, expected Dec 12th, when all hands are required to the pump! Allot of pages need to be created, in a short time, in game data needs to be accurately captured and added.

    To give an idea of what is involved, at new release, see this Google Sheet and Google Doc:

    We will all work towards making improvements to the RR3 Wikia, regularly communicate, normally via Hangouts, but other methods are available. When a consensus is agreed we will proceed with any projects or actions. Any adults interested in volunteering for the role, please post your interest below, with why you are interested in volunteering for the role and the community will comment. RR3G'hamO. and myself will have the final say.

    RR3 Michael P (talk) 10:47, November 16, 2016 (UTC)

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    • Hi Michael!

      Thank you for your offer. I have to decline it, because I am Spanish and my English is good enough to express myself, but not so good to get everything... :-(


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    • Hello, 

      I would very much like to help. I am currently an eighth-grader with some, if not a lot of homework. On the weekends, I am free most of the time, and whatever there is that you would like me to do, I will do. 

      In RR3, I have started a couple of months ago, and have 100% completed Amateur, 67% Pro/Am, 33% Pro, 12% Expert, 6% Master, 5% Elite, and 0% Legend. 

      I look forward to being of any assistance to you!

      I live in Tokyo, Japan (UTC +09:00).

      RR3 Pavlo O

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    • Thank you Michael for this offer I can not accept because my English is not sufficient to do the job I hope that one of the others available

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    • thank you michael my english is good im from il im will to have admin rights. if im able.

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    • -May I try?

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    • Thank you for this offer  I will do the job right may i try?

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    • Can we recommend someone?

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    • Sumitaser wrote:
      Can we recommend someone?

      Yes, but they must volunteer for themselves.

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    • Michael, 

      I don't really have the time and as you know I'm not that much into attention to detail but if you want a backup admin then happy to have the rights and use them when appropriate. I can certainly do monitoring of content appropriateness. 

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    • @Sirebel, if we can attract a group of RR3 regulars, and share the load between us, I think that would be ideal. Thank you for your offer, which I will take you up on :)

      @Purdy500 and Brandonmadonna17 I would prefer regulars to RR3, so I could see the quality of edits and some commitment.

      @MegaDriver80Wiki and Thetankinator47 the post asks for Adults, this is due to being more mature e.g. making decision about banning posters is not something I would expect a teen to make. I would welcome editing contributions from all age groups. Especially at new release time, as long as the content is from 'in game' and correct.

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    • Okay Michael, 

      I can make editing contributions. Just give me a page and something to edit and I will be ready.

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    • I'm 54 in good mind and health. I'm a seasoned electronics technician with strong computer skills, C++, and some basic/html/etc. fundamentals background. I love RR3 and you see my posts scattered throughout this site. The frustration of constant changes is killing my spirit, but FM promising fixes* With that said, not knowing if I could give an average of about an hour/day, would love to try?

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    • BTW, I'm on level 387.

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    • @Powerup777 welcome to the admin team :)

      I hope FM have fixes and the next release will be better... :)

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    • Awesome. Tips and next steps, specific assignments for pointed direction appreciated. Efficient and effective is my goal. Recommended reading?

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    • Thanks Michael! :)

      I have just started my new career such that my latest 'no assists' skills training has been dropping drastically since from early August...

      And I am now struggling with several SS, LTS, Gauntlets etc events due to time constrain...

      Apologies about your offer.

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    • I should be able to contribute a few days a week. Monday and wednesday most of the times and I should be able to do some editing and/or proof read and grammar check. Just let me know if you need more help. Otherwise I'll just contribute where I can...

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    • @User:RR3-AG, we are happy with your edits/comments and you have been posting since May. Please can you tell us a little about yourself? Similar to Powerup777 has above.


      RR3 Michael P (talk) 22:58, November 17, 2016 (UTC)

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    • I'm 42 and working in IT (Systems Engineer) at clients. Native Dutch speaker, but my English is very good (as kind of like mandatory for the job).

      On the more quite days I should have time to do some editing and responding to other users. Some weekends when the misses is working and the kids are with their mother I have time to edit pages as well.

      I do not have dedicated moments I can do on-the-fly editing so if that is something you seek, I'll just edit the pages as non-admin, but if you need a pair of extra hands, count me in and if it does not work, we'll go back to non-admin style editing.

      I'm level 156 and have 137 of 167 cars. Around 55% complete and mostly top 50 or 40% (G or F) on WTTT. Always aiming higher, but lack of gold resources won't allow me to fully upgrade the cars.

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    • @RR3-AG welcome to the admin team :)

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    • Hi Michael, thank you for the offer. But with family and other projects I can't dedicate too much time to this great space, so I'll continue to contribute as rr3.wikia user. But it seems, that new team is growing and it will be pleasure to work with them ;)

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    • 1st, I want to thank RR3 GhamO for all the work he did here for us. Sometimes, we consider that it's a normal job for an admin but they are 'only' a volunteers community 

      2nd, I congrate all the candidates for your passion and your will to keep this site alive. We need you. I wish you the best.

      And finally, I decline this opportunity because of my fandom user status and my English is not enough sufficient too.

      Good luck


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    • Not volunteering, but as an avid fan of the game and this site, it is nice to see others step up when the 'changing of the guard' is needed. It is it to be expected that interests will change. Cheers to PowerUP777, RR3-AG, and Sirebel. 

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    • Hi Michael,

      I would love to become an admin. I live in the Netherlands (+1 CET) and I am currently following a biligual education. I love RR3 very much and I am level 98.

      Kind regards, Niels

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    • @Niels, is English your first or second language, what's your proficiency? Also, what is your computer proficiency also? Can you give us a little bit more of a biography similar to the one I left? Thanks

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    • Thank you for all your replies. Thanks to User:Sirebel, User:RR3-AG and User:Powerup777, for joining User:RR3G'hamO. and myself in sharing the admin role.

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