Minus Signs (-) Refers to upgrades not to acquire from Fully-Upgraded
Plus Signs (+) Refers to upgrades to acquire from Fully-Upgraded with R$
(xxxxxxx) Refers to the upgrades required from base (engine, drivetrain, body, suspension, exhaust, brakes, tyres and wheels)
Light Green Fill Chosen strategy
Dark Green Fill Complementary strategy, car has been upgraded further in previous series
Dark Yellow Fill Intermediate strategy, car needs to be upgraded further in later series
Blue Fill Duplicate strategy, car upgraded in previous series
Red Fill Rejected strategy, features reason as to why
Black Fill Under revision or unknown
Yes In ROI column, signifies the investment is profitable
No [...] In ROI column, signifies the investment is not profitable, unless overall series rewards are taken into account
No In ROI column, signifies the investment is not profitable

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