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The intention of this page is to keep a list of team events during the Real Racing 3 McLaren and Bathurst Update (v5.5.0) release, and make it more mobile friendly.

You can create or join a Race Team, and compete against other teams in weekly competitions to win Gold prizes for you and your teammates.

To access the Race Teams feature, you will need to have a Driver Level of 10 or above, and have at least one Social Profile connected to your game.

Tips and FAQ for Team Events

Tournament Leaderboard

McLaren P1™ GTR Top Speed Challenge

1st 2nd 3rd
Hispania racing team1 SNAiLs 1  RR3.Russia

List of team events

No Date Type Hours Car Track Top Reward
(Icon Gold)
Team Goal Goal Reward
(Icon Gold)
1 Sep 7th Autocross 25 Any Any 1000 300 160 Wins 20
2 Sep 16th Top Speed 49 McLaren 720S Coupe Any British 100 500 5,268.86 kph/ 3,273.91 mph 40
3 Sep 21th Speed Snap 25 Any, Assist Disabled Any, No Off-Track 1000 300 180 events 20
4 Sep 25th Top Speed 25 McLaren P1 GTR Any 100 500
5 Sep 28th Laps 25 Any McLaren Spa 200 500 190 laps & 350 laps 20+40=60
6 Oct 3rd Distance 25 Ford Falcon FG X 2017 Any 100 500 1,090 km 20
7 Oct 7th Top Speed 49 2017 V8 Supercars Bathurst 100
8 Oct 11th Overtakes 25 Holden Commodore VF 2017 Any 300 200 1,400 ots 20
9 Oct 16th DIstance 25 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Any 100 500 1,050 km & 1,880 km 20+40=60
10 Oct 22th Laps 25 Any Suzuka East 200 200 390 laps 20

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