The purpose of this page is to advise the data source, standards and methods to gather in-game data used in this wiki.

Car Data

Sources and information regarding data used in car articles.

Car Name


The main source for the car name is taken from the car picture when owned and in the player's garage, take a picture of the car and note the full car name. Alternative sources are the car name while servicing the car. In Aston Martin and Daytona 500 Update (v6.1.0) all car names have been capitalised. Manufacturers are also capitalised except McLAREN

Car Picture

Take Picture icon
Take Picture zoom in

Once the car is owned and in the player's garage, log out of social media accounts, then go to the manufacturer select. Select the take pic icon, twice, zoom in & take the picture. The picture will be in the folder Pictures > RealRacing3. Car pictures are full HD size (1920 x 1080). The picture is uploaded as File:Showcase MANUFACTURER MODEL.jpg (exactly as displayed in the picture) e.g. File:Showcase ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE GTE (2012).jpg


Real-life introductory information (meaning information that cannot be obtained from RR3) should be detailed in the first section of a Car, Manufacturer, or article page only and limited to one or two paragraphs. Information should be from reputable sources, the recommended one is Wikipedia.

Content from sources, other than RR3 game content or from Firemonkeys, should be cited e.g. Wikipedia should use the parser {{Wikipedia}} or {{Wikipedia|Article Name}}

The idea behind the introduction is, if people want to know more about the real world car, they can click the Wikipedia link and read the full article. This Wiki should be about the in-game car and information. There are often variations to the real world car, the in-game car is always used on the RR3 wiki, as this is a Wiki about the game.


Purchase Car Screen in Manufacturer Select
  • Manufacturer Logo is the manufacture name, since Aston Martin and Daytona 500 Update (v6.1.0) this name is now capitalised.
  • Model Name is the car model, since Aston Martin and Daytona 500 Update (v6.1.0) this name is now capitalised.
  • Production is taken from in-game files. On Android an device use a file manager and navigate to Android > data > (or na) > files > .depot (hidden by default) > vehicles, look for the new cars, they are displayed as <year>_manufacture_model
  • Class is taken from the car while displayed in manufacturer select > purchase car.
  • Engine is taken from the type F*/M*/R* for Front, Mid or Rear-mounted
  • Drivetrain is taken from the type *4/*F/*R for 4WD, FWD or RWD
Screenshot 20180401-193942


  • Gearbox, drive a drag race and change to top top gear, in copckpit view, if the driver moves his arm, the car is manual, otherwise, leave blank for Automatic (default).
  • G = Yes, used for Icon Gold car, if not used the car is R$icon
  • Cost, purchase cost either R$icon or Icon Gold
  • Servicecost, R$icon cost to service the car
    Service Cost
  • Servicetime, the time taken to service the car, in Hours and Minutes


|Manufacturer Logo = ASTON MARTIN
|Model Name = VANTAGE GTE (2017)
|Production = 2016-2017
|Class = R
|Engine = Front-Mounted
|Drivetrain = RWD
|Gearbox = 7
|G = Yes
|Cost = 650
|Servicecost = 1,990
|Servicetime = 3 hours}}

Method to Maintain Stratagy

Created by Sirebel

As usual, my intentions are better than the time available. I will get around to writing something at some point before the next update. There isn't as much work as you might think in producing the strategy. The key activities are:

  1. Update the pages with the new or updated series each update.
  2. Work out the minimum PR and minimum upgrades for each car in new or updated series.
  3. Calculate the cheapest strategy

Any of these stages can be done by more than one person, and typically are as many people point out when I get it wrong. The key role is really an owner, someone to arbitrate when there are disagreements (which isn't often).

The first step can certainly be done with anyone who understands the wiki tables and templates. I've greatly simplified the strategy template recently and it is much easier to maintain now, once you understand the complex bits like GTE-Pro: Chevrolet and Porsche and Ferrari Evolution.

The second step is the most time consuming as it requires the upgrade tree to be created (doesn't have to be the same person but often is), some potential upgrade options to be created and a second account and time to test all the combinations. Understanding how to use cloud save/restore is essential in doing this (or how to use a Nox setup).

The last part is the most important bit. Someone has to own the strategy and check that any changes that are made have been checked in game and where cars are used in multiple series the combinations of all those series are considered. Thankfully, there are only a few in this last category.

I think if the creating of the upgrade trees and working out the cheapest upgrades for each car was farmed out to a number of people then it would just be left to the owner of the strategy to determine the cheapest strategy.

Method to Create Upgrade Tree

To give some idea on how long it takes to create the upgrade trees for cars I updated the RR3 Wiki:Upgrade Strategy FormulaE Sunday March 4, 2018, starting with the APT car testing five upgrade trees to find the cheapest one. Then upgrading the other two which ended up being identical upgrade trees but they still needed to be verified. This still took many hours to do, looking at the version history upgrade sheets:

These cars have exiting upgrade costs and descriptions, saving time, only the tree was confirmed, along with Base, upgrade with R$ and fully upgraded stats.

The method to check the cheapest strategy starts with a car at base upgrades. Tip: It is normally easier to takes several passes to collect the costs and descriptions in the first pass then the strategy in the subsequent passes:

  1. Cloud save
  2. Capture and complete one upgrade at a time, from the base, from the cheapest R$ to the most expensive (sort of R$)
  3. Pay gold to complete any R$ purchases
  4. Check and confirm the PR data, before the next upgrade, one at a time. Tip: Although the PR upgrade can be entered, instead use a calculation e.g. =55-54.5, instead of 0.5, sometimes the required PR can be spotted in the upgrade and as it is from cheapest to most expensive this is a result!
  5. Capture & complete all R$ upgrades before starting Icon Gold upgrades
  6. Double check the data captured actually equals the R$ upgrade data (Base PR + R$ upgrade data = Max PR w/ R$)
  7. Capture the car data for PR Max cash, (PR, Top Speed, Acc., Braking, Cornering, Cost, Parts) - change the device's settings between imperial and metric (Settings > Display > Display Speed: MPH | KPH) for top speed MPH/KPH and braking ft/m, do not use a calculation.
  8. Continue to capture the remaining data, as before, one at a time, (sort on Gold cost), any Cold upgrades that are followed by R$ upgrades should be confirmed before the next cheapest Gold upgrade, pay gold to complete R$ upgrade.
  9. Once all data has been captured double check the data captured actually equals the fully upgraded car data (Base PR + upgrade data = PR Fully upgraded)
  10. Once the car is fully upgraded, capture the car data for Max PR w/ Icon Gold, (PR, Top Speed, Acc., Braking, Cornering, Cost, Parts) - change the device's settings between imperial and metric (Settings > Display > Display Speed: MPH | KPH) for top speed MPH/KPH and braking ft/m, do not use a calculation.
  11. Cloud restore (to get all the gold back)
  12. Now all the data has been captured once/twice, the strategies can begin:
    1. work out the cheapest upgrades to reach the required PR, using calculated values. (normally test calculations required PR -0.1 to 0.1+). Tip: Check the upgrades, sometimes the required PR can be spotted in the calculation.
    2. Then test from the cheapest upgrade strategy, until the cheapest is actually confirmed.
    3. Re-capture the upgrade tree in the order of the cheapest upgrade strategy.
  13. Cloud restore (to get all the gold back)

It is very time-consuming!

See the ABT Google Sheet for different strategies tested: 3355055, 6333055, 6353035, 6353053 & 6335053

Hopefully, my explanation hasn't put people off wanting to help.

Please ask if you have any questions.

RR3 Michael P (talk) 20:55, March 6, 2018 (UTC)

Picture Standards

The following naming conventions for pictures are used to automatically link the picture to the article page:

  • Car pictures: File:Showcase ##car name##.jpg (See above for size and method)
  • Manufacture logos: File:Manufacturer ##Manufacturer name##.png
  • Series: File:Series ##name##.png
  • TLS pictures format: File:Series ##Event name##.png
  • Special Event: File:##Event namet##.png
  • The Gauntlet: File:The Gauntlet (Season ##).png

Standard Parsers

With the introduction of named parsers, the names should be consistent between templates, the following table lists the names parsers what should be used in templates.

Parser Name S

Goal No X
Skip Cost X
Multi Goal No X
Event X X
Laps X X
Recommended PR X
Circuit X X
Variant X X
Daylight X X
Goal Description X
Rolling Start X X
R$ Reward X X
Fame Reward X X
Citation X
Index No X
Tier Name X
Version X

Simple Formatting

Create headers by putting text in between repeated equal (=) signs. The more =, the lower level the heading is.

Create a bulleted list by starting each item with an asterisk (*)

  • it's ok to make editing mistakes
  • you can preview your work before saving it
  • even after saving it, you or someone else can edit it again to make it even better

Formatting for Emphasis

Put single quote marks around words or phrases for formatting emphasis.

Two single quotes, like ''italics'' will create italics.

Three single quotes, like '''bold text''' will create bold text.

Other stuff...

If you know HTML or CSS formatting commands, they can also be used in this wiki. One useful HTML command is <br /> which creates a line break.

If you want to show what a command looks like, rather than actually implementing the command, surround it with the nowiki command.

How to create a quote

Create a quote:

In source view:

<div class="quote">'''someone wrote:'''<br />Type text here</div>


someone wrote:
Type text here

Also (in source or visual view)

{{Quote|Quotation goes here.|In-game description.}}


Quotation goes here.
— In-game description.

Crew Quote (in source or visual view)

{{CrewQuote|Eric|In game quote by Eric.}}


Quote Eric
In game quote by Eric.
— Eric, Auto Engineer

Create a Notice:

{{Notify|text=This a notice}}


 !  This a notice  ! 

How to create a quote box for code

Create a quote box for code use pre:

<pre>quote code here {some code}</pre>

quote code here {some code}

OR with nowiki:
quote code here {some code}

<nowiki>quote code here {some code}</nowiki>

How to Cite or Reference or Footnote text

See w:Help:Cite

Create a named Citation [1]

<ref name="identifier">footnote text</ref>

If there is another reference, with the same text, the ref name can be used:[1]

<ref name="identifier" />

For a single use Citation use:[2]

<ref>Single Use footnote</ref>


If a citation used, there must be a reference, normally at the bottom of the page:

<references />
  1. 1.0 1.1 footnote text
  2. Single Use footnote

How to create a R$, Gold, Point or Swearing Icon

The following can be typed in source or visual view, the R$, Gold, Point or Swearing icon will not display until it is previewed or published.

{{R$}} becomes R$icon

{{Gold}} becomes Icon Gold

{{Point}} becomes Pointicon

{{Swearing}} becomes Icon Swearing