1. Using source mode copy all of this page to notepad or notepad++

2. Search and replace ??Career Category Name?? with the exact Career series name on RR3 (including capitalisation)

3. Search and replace ??Career Series name?? with the previous career series (if new career) or the career series for the bonus series (if known).

4. Search and replace ??Series Name?? with the exact name of the race series name on RR3 (including capitalisation)

5. Search and replace V=?.?.? with the release version (e.g. v=5.0.0)

6. For Exclusive Series PR is not required (car is FU) search and replace |PR=? with blank to remove.

7. If only one car: search and replace ??Manufacturer?? with the exact name of the manufacture (including capitalisation)

8 If only one car: search and replace ??Model?? with the exact model name (including capitalisation)

9. Update all entries with ?? next to them (search for ?? and replace each one in turn, removing the comment between the ??)

10. Any missing information change the ??comment?? to ?

11. Remove two sets of and from before stub and after events and again at the bottom of the page (Search and replace and with blank).

12. Delete the two incorrect category links at the bottom of the page, only the correct one should remain.

13. Once complete create the page, it should be: Name??

14. Copy from stub to the end of the page, paste it to the new page.

{{Stub}} <center><span style="color:red">'''Note: This is an outline, the details haven't been entered, yet, the [[??Manufacturer?? ??Model??]] will need to be unlocked, before details can be added, please call back closer to the car availability date ??mmmmmm ddth yyyy?? to see more details.'''</span></center> <!--Career or Bonus Series--> {{Infobox/series |Career = ??Career Category Name?? |Name= ??Series Name?? #without apostrophe - optional and only needed if there is an apostrophe in the series name# |Tiers = |Events = |R1 = |R2 = |R3 = |R4 = }} <!--Exclusive Series--> {{DISPLAYTITLE:??Series Name?? ''(Exclusive Series)''}}<!--Manually remove duplicate (Exclusive Series)--> {{Infobox/ExclusiveSeries |SeriesName = ??Series Name??<br />''(Exclusive Series)''<!--Manually remove duplicate (Exclusive Series)--> |Career = Exclusive Series |Tiers = |Events = |R1PC = |R1R$ = |R1GC = |R2PC = |R2R$ = |R2GC = |R3PC = |R3R$ = |R3GC = |R4PC = |R4R$ = |R4GC = |Manufacturer = ??Manufacturer?? |Model = ??Model??}} <1-- All --> {{Quote|?.|In-game description.}} (For career and Exclusive series) '''??Series Name??''' is a career series located in the [[??Career Category Name??]]<!--For --> category. In the series, players will be able to participate in ?? events, separated by ?? tiers. <!-- If the category is any of these 4 manually update the Category Name as shown (do not search and replace due to category:) [[NASCAR (Category)|NASCAR]] [[Pro/Am (Category)|Pro/Am]] [[Pro (Category)|Pro]] [[Elite (Category)|Elite]] --> (For bonus series) '''??Series Name??''' is a bonus series part of the [[??Career Series name??]] career series, located in the ??Career Category Name?? category. (Common to career and bonus series) Throughout the series, players can earn up to {{R$}}??,000 by unlocking tiers, as well as {{R$}}??,000 and ?? {{Gold}} in bonuses upon reaching 100% completion in the series. Players must earn ?? trophies in [[??Career Series name??]] in order to participate in this series. Tier ? and ?% completion can be reached without {{Gold}} upgrades. (Exclusive series only) Throughout the series, players can earn R$??,000 and ? {{Gold}} in bonuses upon reaching 100% completion in the series. (For main racing series) '''??Series name??''' contains the bonus series ??Series Name?? and ??Series Name??, unlocked by earning ?? and ?? trophies respectively. Earning ?? trophies will unlock the next career series ??Series Name??. <!-- Career or Bonus only--> ==Cars== ??repeat template for the number of cars in the series?? {{H/cars}} {{R/cars|??Manufacturer??|??model??|??Base PR??|??top speed mph??|??top speed kph??|??accl??|??braking ft??|??braking m??|??grip??|G=Yes ??only if gold car??|??Cost??}} {{End}} <!-- Exclusive Series only--> ==Fully Upgraded Car== Players must own a fully-upgraded [[??Manufacturer?? ??model??]] in order to participate in this series. Stats and costs are for the fully upgraded car. {{H/carsFU}} {{R/carsFU|??Manufacturer??|??model??|??FU PR??|??FU top speed mph??|??FU top speed kph??|??FU accl??|??FU braking ft??|??FU braking m??|??FU grip??|G=Yes ??only if gold car??|??FU Upgrade Cost R$??|??FU Upgrade Cost GC??}} {{End}} ==Events== ??Delete events and tiers where appropriate, as well as unused S=, D=, R=, L=, and PR= parsers. PR=-, L=- or L=1 do not need to be used.?? {{H/events}} <!-- Example of parser info: {{R/events|1.1|??tier name??|??Event??|??track??|D=??Daytime??|S=??Sub track??|D=??|R=Yes (??rolling start option??)|PR=??PR??|L=??No. laps??|??R$??|??Fame??|V=?.?.? version}} --> {{R/events|1.1|TIER 1|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|1.2|TIER 1|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|1.3|TIER 1|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|2.1|TIER 2|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|2.2|TIER 2|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|2.3|TIER 2|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|3.1|TIER 3|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|3.2|TIER 3|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|3.3|TIER 3|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|4.1|TIER 4|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|4.2|TIER 4|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|4.3|TIER 4|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|5.1|TIER 5|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|5.2|TIER 5|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|5.3|TIER 5|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|6.1|TIER 6|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|6.2|TIER 6|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|6.3|TIER 6|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|7.1|TIER 7|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|7.2|TIER 7|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|7.3|TIER 7|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|8.1|TIER 8|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|8.2|TIER 8|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|8.3|TIER 8|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|9.1|TIER 9|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|9.2|TIER 9|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|9.3|TIER 9|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|10.1|TIER 10|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|10.2|TIER 10|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|10.3|TIER 10|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|11.1|TIER 11|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|11.2|TIER 11|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|11.3|TIER 11|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|12.1|TIER 12|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|12.2|TIER 12|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|12.3|TIER 12|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|13.1|TIER 13|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|13.2|TIER 13|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|13.3|TIER 13|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|14.1|TIER 14|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|14.2|TIER 14|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|14.3|TIER 14|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|15.1|TIER 15|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|15.2|TIER 15|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|15.3|TIER 15|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|16.1|TIER 16|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|16.2|TIER 16|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|16.3|TIER 16|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|17.1|TIER 17|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|17.2|TIER 17|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|17.3|TIER 17|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|18.1|TIER 18|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|18.2|TIER 18|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|18.3|TIER 18|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|19.1|TIER 19|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|19.2|TIER 19|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|19.3|TIER 19|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|20.1|TIER 20|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|20.2|TIER 20|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|20.3|TIER 20|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|21.1|TIER 21|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|21.2|TIER 21|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|21.3|TIER 21|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|22.1|TIER 22|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|22.2|TIER 22|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|22.3|TIER 22|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|23.1|TIER 23|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|23.2|TIER 23|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} {{R/events|23.3|TIER 23|||D=|S=|PR=|L=|||V=}} <!-- Example of parser info: {{R/events|23.3|??tier name??|??Event??|??track??|D=??Daytime??|S=??Sub track??|R=Yes (??rolling start option??)|PR=??PR??|L=??No. laps??|??R$??|??Fame??|V=?.?.? version}} --> {{End}}

  1. Base data must be entered:
    • 1. Tier number, this is the tier number along with the bottom of the Series, if there are multiple events per tier they should be separated by a dot, e.g. 1.2 is the first tier, second event. NEW: The tier number used to start N=, it is now part of the base data, therefore N= is not required, only the number.
      2. Tier Name, it's important that the name matches its in-game counterpart, even if it's incorrect! If you're out of space you may use the <small></small> tags. Example: {NAME OF TIER}. Also to force text onto the second line use the <br /> command. For first showcase event for a car, tier name should reflect the exact name displayed in the description, most of the time the car manufacturer and model are displayed on different lines, e.g. [[Pagani]]<br />[[Pagani Huayra|Huayra]]<br />Showcase
      3. Event name, e.g. Cup, Time Trial, Endurance etc.
      4. Track name, e.g. Silverstone, Brands Hatch etc. Note: Any errors with track names or variants will display in red.
      5. Track variant, this is a special parser. Here you put the name of the circuit the event is taking place on. If there's a section of the part being used such as Brands Hatch Indy Circuit you have to add "|S=Indy Circuit". If a whole circuit is being used such as Mount Panorama or Melbourne then the "|S=" is not required. Note: Any errors with track names or variants will display in red.
      6. The R$ awarded for finishing 1st, excluding CRB. FYI CRB is now automatically calculated R$ - 50 (if R$50 bonus is paid) x 1/4
      7. The Fame awarded for finishing 1st
      8. Version number at the point of recording data, not displayed on the page but used to keep track of when the data was entered.

To note:

  • 1. To accurately record data for Time Trials (without including the +R$50 bonus) go off-track before completing the lap, rendering it invalid and discarding the bonus.
  • 2. To accurately record data for Endurance events, you must never go off-track, compete until in the first position then finish the ongoing lap by returning to the exact starting position. Once this is done, take the main final R$ reward (if it ends with 50, subtract it from the total value) and divide it by the total amount of laps. Take the Fame reward and divide it by the amount of laps. NEW: Endurance is now a value, the "/lap" is automatically added. CRB is not longer needed as CRB is calculated as explained in 6. above.
  1. Parser data, all parsers should start with a pipe | and be followed by an equals =, then the text, except R:
    1. S: Sub track, as above explained above.
    2. PR: If there's no PR required then skip this.
    3. L: How many laps there are in the event. The default for this parser is set to 1. If the event is one-lap only or less then skip this. Only Cup, NASCAR and Head to Head events should have the L parser, all other events ignore this parser.
    4. D: Day variation. Dawn, Morning, Evening, Night
    5. R=Yes: rolling start (optional), if the event starts on lap 0 and the car is moving (can be slow).
    6. V: Version number as explained above.

# Once the new series page has been created the following pages that will need editing: ## [[Series and Special Events#Series]] - Add new series ## [[RR3 Wiki:Upgrades Strategy For 100% Completion]] - Add new series ## [[RR3 Wiki:Pages That Need Editing]] - Add new series ## If existing cars are added to the new series, add the series to each car page ## [[Cars]] - If existing cars are added to the new series, +1 the No of series (should match the car page) ## [[??Career Category Name?? (Category)]] [or [[??Career Category Name??]] (Category) ] Update the Background. Add manufacturers and cars added from the new series, in the career category page. ## [[Template:MainPage/Update]] (will probably be updated as part of the release) ## [[History]] (will probably be updated as part of the release) # Once the new series data has been entered the following pages that will need editing: ## [[Series and Special Events#Best race for each series]] ## [[RR3 Wiki:Most Profitable Races]] (only races with at least R$30,000 reward AND at least R$4,000 per minute.) <!-- Once published: Update category information (??Career Category Name?? = Master / Elite / Legend etc) , delete two of the categories, including text, this comment, and remove nowiki--> Career series: [[Category:??Career Category Name?? Career Series]] OR Bonus series: [[Category:??Career Category Name?? Bonus Series]] OR Exclusive series: [[Category:Exclusive Series]]

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