The intention of this page is to keep a the list of sales during the CURRENT release, and make it more mobile friendly.

For a full list of all cars for sale since 2013 see RR3 Wiki:List of Sales so Far (Size is not mobile friendly)

Sales Format

Weekly (Standard/Default) Sales

Since the introduction of sales in Real Racing 3, their format has generally been on a weekly basis, meaning they would go on sale around the beginning of a Monday and finish around the end of the following Sunday, roughly spanning a week. Most sales will last a week from the time they are introduced, though will not always start on a Monday (but they usually do). Sales that occurred before the Holidays sales of 2015 generally followed that format, or were described as being one-day or weekend sales.

Flash Sales

Sometimes, (mostly over the course of the 2015 Holidays sale and the month or so after) a sale will only last a few hours, familiarly known as 'flash sales'. An individual sale of this type is available for an indeterminate length of time, though probably less than 24 hours, from the moment it is registered on the racer's account, which can be triggered by starting the game any point through the lapse of around a week.

For example: a sale could commence on Monday at 01:00 UTC. If a racer opens the app and receives the sale at 10:00, they could expect to have it available for the rest of the day, bearing in mind that the sale would most likely be gone by the time they open the app on Tuesday. If, however, a racer was to not open the app until Thursday at 18:00, they could expect to have the sale available until the early hours of Friday.

Limited Time Sales

Limited Time Sales are sales that are longer than flash sales, but do not last a week. They usually (but not always) appear in Holidays periods.


Sales this Release

The following are the sales for the CURRENT release (in alphabetical [or chronological] order):

Car Discount Sale Start
Trigger Date
Sale End
Trigger Date
Sale Duration
(Once Triggered)
Jaguar Lightweight E-Type 30% discount 17 July 25 July 7 days
Shelby '66 Cobra 427® 30% discount 26 July 03 August 7 days
Porsche 918 Spyder concept 35% discount 07 August 15 August 7 days
Porsche Boxster GTS 25% discount 17 August 25 August 7 days
Lexus LFA 25% discount 27 August 04 September 7 days
Color keys
Red Speculated date/discount
Green Ongoing sale
Yellow Sale Complete

List of Sales

Week Car Discount Currency Notes
2017-29 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type 30% Icon Gold Get in Now 180 Icon Gold (0%)
unlocks E-TE bonus series

For a full list of all the cars that have had sale since 2013 see RR3 Wiki:List of Sales so Far#List of Sales (Size is not mobile friendly)

Other Sales and Rewards

The following are the other sales for the CURRENT release (in chronological order):

Car / Item Type Discount Start
Shelby '66 Cobra 427® Customization Available for R$ 26 July 29 July 2 days
Mazda Furai Service Free and Instant 02 August 04 August 1 day
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse Upgrade 30% discount 04 August 07 August 2 days
Jaguar XJ220 Customization Available for R$ 14 August 17 August 2 days
Porsche Boxster GTS Upgrade 25% discount 18 August 21 August 2 days
Koenigsegg One:1 Upgrade 25% discount 23 August 26 August 2 days
Lamborghini Veneno Service Free and Instant 30 August 02 September 2 days
Bonus R$ on all races Bonus 50% bonus 04 September 06 September 1 day
Color keys
Red Speculated date/discount
Green Ongoing sale
Yellow Sale Complete

Week Number to Week Ending Date (Release V5.3)

Expand when required.

Week No Week Ending Date

Car(s) With no Sales That Have Possible Sales This Release

The following car(s), that have had no sales to date, will possibly be on sale this release.

Seq Car Currency Introduced

For a full list of Cars that have had no Sales see RR3 Wiki:List of Sales so Far#Cars with no Sales (Size is not mobile friendly)


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