For the Achievement of the same name, see: Pro (Achievement)
Featuring American muscle
— In-game description


Pro is the fourth category that the player will go through in Real Racing 3, just before Expert and just after Pro/Am. It starts with the career series Pro/Am Supercar Club and has two bonus series in the form of RWD Open Revolution and Modern Sports Classics. The next career series after this is Supercar Masters Series and has two bonus series which are V10 Showdown Series and Deutsch Duell. The last career series in this category is Classic American Muscle with its five bonus series being Retro RWD Tour, E-Type Extravaganza, GT4 Renegades, Renault's Global Passion, Group A Grand Tour, and Japanese Production Club.


  • Pro/Am Supercar ClubGo to Pro/Am Supercar Club
  • RWD Open RevolutionGo to RWD Open Revolution
  • Modern Sports ClassicsGo to Modern Sports Classics
  • Supercar Masters SeriesGo to Supercar Masters Series
  • V10 Showdown SeriesGo to V10 Showdown Series
  • Deutsch DuellGo to Deutsch Duell
  • Classic American MuscleGo to Classic American Muscle
  • Retro RWD TourGo to Retro RWD Tour
  • E-Type ExtravaganzaGo to E-Type Extravaganza
  • GT4 RenegadesGo to GT4 Renegades
  • Renault's Global PassionGo to Renault's Global Passion
  • Group A Grand TourGo to Group A Grand Tour
  • Series Japanese Production Club Japanese Production ClubGo to Japanese Production Club

Manufacturers and cars

The player will come across 15 manufacturers:

And across 26 cars:


Categories (9)
AmateurNASCARPro/AmProExpertMasterEliteLegendExclusive Series

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