The NISSAN SILVIA (S15) was set into production in 1999 and was the last NISSAN ever made on the S-platform. The NISSAN SILVIA S15 were available as a Spec-R and Spec-S models. This car features a 2.0L Inline-4 engine.


The NISSAN SILVIA (S15) is used in two series and one special event:

This vehicle is available to the player from the very beginning of the game. This vehicle was part of the initial release (v1.0).

This vehicle can be acquired for R$25,700 or R$20,560 with showcase discount, with a shipping time of 5 minutes, unless this is the first car purchased by the player. It can also be obtained for 22 Icon Gold as a 'Get it Now' price.

This car is used in three special events:


Stage PR
Top Speed Acc. Braking Cornering Cost Parts
w/ R$
1.7 151 mph
243 kph
5.50 s 113.0 ft
34.4 m
0.85 g R$25,700
Max PR
w/ R$
164 mph
265 kph
5.01 s 108.0 ft
32.9 m
0.95 g R$49,600 10
Max PR
w/ Icon Gold
168 mph
270 kph
5.00 s 108.0 ft
32.9 m
0.95 g +3 Icon Gold
(15 Icon Gold)
Top Speed
0 100 200 300 400 500 600
243 270
9.03 7.79 6.39 4.98 3.58 2.18 0.78
5.50 5.00
53.3 46.4 38.6 30.9 23.1 15.3 7.5
34.4 32.9
0.46 0.84 1.42 2.14 3.01 4.04 5.21
0.85 0.95

Upgrades (11)

Upgrade Duration R$icon Icon Gold
1 Engine: Basic Engine Tuning 2 Minutes 3,900 1
2 Engine: Mid-Spec ECU 5 Minutes 5,800 1
3 Engine: Performance Intake Manifold 10 Minutes 8,800 2
4 Engine: Performance Fuel Injectors 3
1 Drivetrain: General Analysis & Overhaul 2 Minutes 3,600 1
2 Drivetrain: Uprated Sports Gearbox 5 Minutes 5,400 1
3 Drivetrain: Lightweight Aluminium Flywheel 10 Minutes 8,200 2
1 Brakes: Uprated Sports Brake Pads 2 Minutes 2,500 1
2 Brakes: Uprated Sports Brake Discs 5 Minutes 3,800 1
1 Tires & Wheels: Sports Compound 2 Minutes 3,000 1
2 Tires & Wheels: Lightweight Sports Rims 5 Minutes 4,600 1
TOTAL: 11 17 Minutes 49,600
3 /
Colour keys
White R$icon purchase before any Icon Gold upgrades
Or Icon Gold instant purchase
Green R$icon purchase after any Icon Gold upgrades
Red Icon Gold only purchase

For upgrades, including PR values, please see the project page NISSAN SILVIA (S15), please be aware PR values can vary, depending on the upgrade order.


  • A Red SILVIA is used as the "Hunted car" in the Hunter
  • This car has the shortest servicing time out of all the cars on the game, tied with the NASCAR Academy Ford Fusion. Both cars have a servicing time of only 1 minute.

In other Languages

Language Title Meaning
Flag Germany German Nissan Silvia (S15) Same as English name
Flag Russia Russian Nissan Silvia (S15) Same as English name
Flag France French Nissan Silvia (S15) Same as English name
Flag South Korea South Korean 닛산 실비아 (S15) Google translation of English name
(Page does not exist)


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