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NASCAR is the second (or first when a NASCAR update is ongoing) category that the player will go through in Real Racing 3, just before Pro/Am, and just after Amateur (or, during a NASCAR update, just before Amateur). It starts with the special event NASCAR Academy and continues with the career series NASCAR Talent Tour without a bonus series. It then immediately resumes to NASCAR All-Star Series with its eleven bonus series being NASCAR Pre-Season Rumble (which was once a career series), Richard Petty Motorsports Champion CupJoey Logano's Champion Cup, Matt Kenseth's Champion Cup, Chase Elliott's Champion Cup, Kevin Harvick's Champion Cup, Brad Keselowski's Champion Cup, Kyle Busch's Champion Cup, Tony Stewart's Champion Cup, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s Champion Cup, Danica Patrick's Champion Cup and Jimmie Johnson's Champion Cup.


  • NASCAR AcademyGo to NASCAR Academy
  • NASCAR Talent TourGo to NASCAR Talent Tour
  • NASCAR All-Star SeriesGo to NASCAR All-Star Series
  • NASCAR Pre-Season RumbleGo to NASCAR Pre-Season Rumble
  • Richard Petty Motorsports Champion CupGo to Richard Petty Motorsports Champion Cup
  • Joey Logano's Champion CupGo to Joey Logano's Champion Cup
  • Matt Kenseth's Champion CupGo to Matt Kenseth's Champion Cup
  • Chase Elliott's Champion CupGo to Chase Elliott's Champion Cup
  • Kevin Harvick's Champion CupGo to Kevin Harvick's Champion Cup
  • Brad Keselowski's Champion CupGo to Brad Keselowski's Champion Cup
  • Kyle Busch's Champion CupGo to Kyle Busch's Champion Cup
  • Tony Stewart's Champion CupGo to Tony Stewart's Champion Cup
  • Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s Champion CupGo to Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s Champion Cup
  • Danica Patrick's Champion CupGo to Danica Patrick's Champion Cup
  • Jimmie Johnson's Champion CupGo to Jimmie Johnson's Champion Cup

Manufacturers and cars

The player will come across 3 manufacturers:

And across 15 cars:


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