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High-speed pack racing with a huge grid - draft to victory!
— In-game description

In Real Racing 3, NASCAR is an event that was introduced in NASCAR Update (v3.6) to coincide with the introduction of NASCAR.

The player will race against a maximum number of 42 opponents on ovals like Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Daytona International Speedway, Richmond International Raceway, and short variants of road courses like Suzuka Circuit, Circuit de Catalunya, Silverstone and more.

Much like a cup event, NASCAR events may be restricted to certain performance rating requirements. This however, isn't usually the case in earlier tiers of a series.

Prevalent in NASCAR events - but available in any event type involving a NASCAR vehicle and at least one opponent - is the ability to draft behind other opponents giving the player an extra boost in speed. Notice bots' names in events involving NASCAR vehicles are different from the common ones found in events with non-NASCAR vehicles, some of whom are the famous names from the real-life NASCAR Sprint Car Cup which was renamed in 2017 to Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (e.g. "Earnhardt, Jr.", "Elliott", "Harvick", "Johnson", "Kenseth", "Keselowski", "Ku. Busch", "Ky. Busch", "Logano" and "Stewart", and "Patrick", to name a few).



Promotional image of the NASCAR game mode

Event Types (12)
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