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Nürburgring is a racing circuit located near the German village of Nürburg, Rheinland-Pfalz. There are three circuit configurations, namely the Sprint, Müllenbach and the Grand Prix Circuit.

The circuit was added to Real Racing 3 in the Race Teams Update (v3.3) of April 2015 after being heavily requested by the community. However Nordschleife, which was another heavy request, was not added to the game due to limitations on the devices of the people, that can be seen while loading Le Mans.


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Grand Prix Circuit

Nuerburgring gp
3.192 miles (5.137 km)


Nuerburgring mullenbach
0.932 miles (1.500 km)

Sprint Circuit

Nuerburgring sprint
2.249 miles (3.619 km)


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