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  • I live in Wales, UK
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  • One suggestion : organise the Special Events in the Home page by order of appearence, instead of alphabetical order. This can now be done because the Monkeys put the dates when they publish their update release info. We could even add the dates (with a 3 letters month format to avoid confusion if using numbers as US & EU are not the same).

    For this upgrade it would look like:

    • Special Events
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  • Hello Michael. I'm not sure if I'm blind or can't read properly but I'm sure I can't find 2018_Falcon_FG_X_Championship in the menu. Not sure how to edit and add it there thus this message, sorry 🤔

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  • Please check this thread since an exploit is being posted.

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  • Got to hand it to you.  You got me there.  I have no arguement.  Calling people liars would be considered a disrepectful statement.  Even if true I guess.  Maybe I should have said "eronious information" or "false statements" instead of the word "liar"  LOL...

    Well played to justify the removal of that conversation.  But at the end of the day, you and I both know that is not the real reason you removed it.  Wink wink.....

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  • Hi Michael,

    I've made a new template to combine the existing WTTT templates into 1 simple template, as well as updating it to fit the new post-v6.5 WTTT format. It's here: User:Chronic_Avidness/newWTTT

    There's now only 8 groups (Group A through H), and the cutoffs are now different. There is only 1 track instead of 4. Also, the "overall" row isn't needed anymore. If you think my template is good, I'll create a new public template and copy my code into it, so that everyone can use it. I'm thinking that it should be named Template:WTTT, which is not currently being used.

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  • Hi Michael, 

    I'm a novice on editting pages on this site and don't really understand the structure yet, but I do have experience of working on other sites with other 'languages' (i.e.HTML, CSS, PHP).

    I'm happy to take on maintaining this  page as @Sirebel has left, and have tried to do my best so far for v6.4. I believe the numbers to be correct, but I haven't figured out yet how to enter a car or series name so that it links automatically (note I understand parentheses use, I just don't know how to find a list or similar with correct text/description).  If you could guide me to a page that explains this, I would be grateful.

    I also don't understand the table @Sirebel uses and assume that this somehow links to his account (looking at the code when editting).  Is it okay to use/copy this?

    I'm happy to help elsewhere if you wish.

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    • Sirebel wrote:
      Sorry, did type a reply last night but got tied up playing with 3D rendering again. If only I could get someone to pay me to do that for a living.

      You look to have the hang of it and to be honest, if you are maintaining the data then you can do whatever you like with it.

      The difficult ones are:

      • The price to win the car is higher than the upgrades needed for series completion. The table doesn't work very well then. You filled in the MERCEDES-BENZ CLK-LM much as I would have but really it should show 0 as the 100% completion delta as you don't need to even win the car to maintain 100% completion
      • The MERCEDES-BENZ C11 situation is a new one on me. I think you did it the most sensible way. Did you capture the recompletion bonus though? Was there one?

      I'm sure there are other grey areas but I forget right now.

      Thank Sirebel, I'll think about your comments and amend as appropriate.

      I saw the comments about Brands Hatch, I'm with you.


      Either I'm being stupid, I misunderstand something or I changed the table after you looked at it (I added many cars to account for rewards acquirable(for totals table accuracy), when before I wrote this as simple text).  

      You said "You filled in the MERCEDES-BENZ CLK-LM much as I would have but really it should show 0 as the 100% completion delta as you don't need to even win the car to maintain 100% completion". My question is what column are you referring to? I think you mean the 7th titled "100%". As this is calculated, I'm not sure how I can force it to be zero. I believe the 5 first columns to contain correct values

      With regards the recompletion bonus for MERCEDES-BENZ C11, there wasn't one, but I did capture for 2 other series. As I'm not 100%, recapture could become a problem for me in the future though.  I'll of course keep an eye on comments for such series.


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    • RR3 Michael P wrote:
      Nothing as complicated. Run a valid TT, any time as long as it isn't Group A, then from the global tab note the group and global total. Switch to the group tab, note the group total. Then enter the data + today's date. Once published the template does all the calculations.

      Time Trial Global total

      TT global total

      Time Trial Group total

      Group Tab total

      Thanks Micheal, I was being stupid.  It really is easy. I'll add some data later this week when I have a chance. I'll also copy across gold update data for 6.5 soon

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  • IMG 5371
    IMG 5370
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  • JPHARP030456

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Michael,

    I have an issue with RR3 and I am wondering if you can help me with any advice …

    I’ve been playing this game for more than 3 years. I have 177 cars and garage value of 345 million; also I am an elite driver … so I would say that I have a good progress.

    The issue that yesterday, my tablet (Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70F) was corrupted and the game, among other apps is not working, and the problem is that I don’t have a profile on rr3, I’ve been always playing as a guest (I know this is wrong but I didn’t think that this can happen, unfortunately I was mistaken and it happened) so I can’t use cloud restore although I think the game was cloud saving every often.

    My question if there is any way to copy game save files from my tablet to my laptop so I can copy them back once I reinstall the game and continue from where I left it (note: I can access the files on my tablet, my files bowser is working, thankfully)

    I’ve been reading so many articles and discussion on the internet since yesterday, and there are many opinions regarding this matter but I feel that I can trust yours more … you’ve been always a great help on this wiki for all users.

    If you can help me with this matter, you would save me years of playing … please.

    Thank you,

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    • Two ideas:

      1. Did you make any in-app purchases? Fire Monkey might be able to identify you and your cloud save that way.

      2. Would you perhaps remember your in-game id. For instance, if you raced an elimination event against the bots, you might see "Oddley", "Existent", "Pungent Sauce" and 4 other bots in the results plus YOUR name. Do you remember what that name was? Your cloud save can be identified by that name.

      Good Luck!

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    • No I didn’t make any in-app purchases, and I don’t think I’ve seen any special name … it was “Guest” only.

      Tried to download the game apk from 3rd party source and install it (because my app store is not working too), I thought it may repair any corrupted files but it didn’t work. It seems that the corruption is deep in my operating system.

      However, I came across another idea … do you think if I gave FM my IP address plus some of my stats information, would they be able to figure out my ID?


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    This bonus series was removed in 6.3, but no-one had locked this series to prevent future edits. Could anyone do that please.

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