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  • P2dro.

    Let's move this over here!

    I don't know what the Trump comment was all about.

    I thought you were objecting to his "nonsense" ccmment?

    I apologise if I've now upset you! That was not my intention. Just having a bit of a chat.

    As for Trump, I think he's an odd one. He comes across as being rather petulant (he attacks anybody who criticises him) and a lot of his statements are blatantly wrong/iuntrue. I wonder if he ran for president as a bet (with himself) and is now regretting it!

    Message me if you want to chat about anything (in the game).

    No hard feelings.

    (Not so quick) Nick

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    • Nick

      Nick, I thought that was a healthy discussion. Apologies if I seemed upset, I am not. I like the way you express your ideas, and as normal, different people from different cultures will always miss the deeper meaning of what others write. All I was doing in a round-about way was to have a go at those who use the word 'cheaters'. I am not offended by being called that, but for some reason, I want to point out that perhaps the criteria they use is open to interpretation.

      As for Trump, I like the entertainment.



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    • Hi Pedro. No, we're cool. Is that you (occasionally) in the LIF+ team and on their Messenger board? Nick

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    • Nick, you get around. That is me. I can only do ts coz rl keeps getting in the way. I also play rl golf. And ypu are, if I may ask?

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    • I'm QuickNick!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Real Racing 3 Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Time Trial leaderboards (Exclusive series) page.

    If you're new to Wikis, I hope you will find our editing help pages useful, please also take time to view our rules page.

    Please leave one of the administrators a message if we can help with anything!

    RR3 Michael P (Wall)RR3G'hamO. (Wall)Sirebel (Wall)Powerup777 (Wall)RR3-AG (Wall)

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    • A FANDOM user
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