Featuring Ferrari classics
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Master is the sixth category that the player will go through in Real Racing 3, just before Elite, and just after Expert. It starts with the career series Open Sky Challenge with its bonus series being Grip Fiends and German Grand Tour. After Open Sky Challenge comes the career series Euro Supercar Duel with its two bonus series being Grand Tourer Supremacy Series and GTS Superseries. The next series after this is Redline: Origins which was a special event and now part of this category, which then continues to the career series Classic Ferrari Showdown and its bonus series Ferrari Heritage Hustle. The last career series here is GT3 World Series alongside its four bonus series East/West Throwdown, Race-spec Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale World Tour, Formula E: Showcase and Formula E: Experience, the latter two are located at the end of the category. A further two bonus series are included in the next tab, Open Sky Challenge II and 6 Cyl Mastery. New in the Koenigsegg and NISSAN update is Road vs Rally, located at the end of the category.


  • Open Sky ChallengeGo to Open Sky Challenge
  • Grip FiendsGo to Grip Fiends
  • German Grand TourGo to German Grand Tour
  • Euro Supercar DuelGo to Euro Supercar Duel
  • Grand Tourer Supremacy SeriesGo to Grand Tourer Supremacy Series
  • GTS SuperseriesGo to GTS Superseries
  • Redline: OriginsGo to Redline: Origins
  • Classic Ferrari ShowdownGo to Classic Ferrari Showdown
  • Ferrari Heritage HustleGo to Ferrari Heritage Hustle
  • GT3 World SeriesGo to GT3 World Series
  • East/West ThrowdownGo to East/West Throwdown
  • Race-spec Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale World TourGo to Race-spec Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale World Tour
  • Open Sky Challenge IIGo to Open Sky Challenge II
  • 6 Cyl MasteryGo to 6 Cyl Mastery
  • Formula E: ShowcaseGo to Formula E: Showcase
  • Formula E: ExperienceGo to Formula E: Experience
  • Road vs RallyGo to Road vs Rally

Manufacturers and cars

The player will come across 16 manufacturers:

And across 32 cars:


Categories (9)
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