Legend is the eighth and last career category that the player will go through in Real Racing 3, it is located just before the Exclusive Series and just after Elite. It starts out with the career series Supercar Elites and has two bonus series in the form of Speed Demons and Clash Of The Classics. The next career series after this is Spirit Of Ferrari which contains the bonus series Enzo Ferrari Triumph and Spider Showdown. The next career series after this is Zenith Series with two of its bonus series being All Star Vendetta and Masters of Speed. It then continues to the Road To Le Mans special event, which has since been a part of this category. It then continues to the career series Vertex Series with its two bonus series being Hybrid Hypercar Clash and Endurance Kings. It then continues to MotorFiesta 1, another special event which has since been added to this category. The next career series after this is RACING SPIRIT, which contains its two bonus series Concept Car Clash and Endurance Champions. The next career series after this is the career series in the form of McLaren Generations, which contains two bonus series in the form of High-Tech Legends and Hypercar Charge. Follwed by Group C: Championship, with its 2 bonus series in the form of Group C: Porsche vs Jaguar and Group C: Rotary Rampage, the last career series is Campionato Scuderia Ferrari with Cutting Edge, Ferrari Evolution, Tour Del Toro, Breakneck Legends, GTE-Pro: Ford and Ferrari, GTE-Pro: Chevrolet and Porsche, Supercar Classic Clash, Italian Prime, Porsche Performance Showdown, and Concept vs Production as its bonus series, effectively the last career and bonus series overall.


  • Supercar ElitesGo to Supercar Elites
  • Speed DemonsGo to Speed Demons
  • Clash Of The ClassicsGo to Clash Of The Classics
  • Spirit Of FerrariGo to Spirit Of Ferrari
  • Enzo Ferrari TriumphGo to Enzo Ferrari Triumph
  • Spider ShowdownGo to Spider Showdown
  • Zenith SeriesGo to Zenith Series
  • All Star VendettaGo to All Star Vendetta
  • Masters of SpeedGo to Masters of Speed
  • Road To Le MansGo to Road To Le Mans
  • Vertex SeriesGo to Vertex Series
  • Hybrid Hypercar ClashGo to Hybrid Hypercar Clash
  • Endurance KingsGo to Endurance Kings
  • MotorFiesta 1Go to MotorFiesta 1
  • Concept Car ClashGo to Concept Car Clash
  • Endurance ChampionsGo to Endurance Champions
  • McLaren GenerationsGo to McLaren Generations
  • High-Tech LegendsGo to High-Tech Legends
  • Hypercar ChargeGo to Hypercar Charge
  • Group C: ChampionshipGo to Group C: Championship
  • Group C: Porsche vs JaguarGo to Group C: Porsche vs Jaguar
  • Group C: Rotary RampageGo to Group C: Rotary Rampage
  • Campionato Scuderia FerrariGo to Campionato Scuderia Ferrari
  • Cutting EdgeGo to Cutting Edge
  • Ferrari EvolutionGo to Ferrari Evolution
  • Tour Del ToroGo to Tour Del Toro
  • Breakneck LegendsGo to Breakneck Legends
  • GTE-Pro: Ford and FerrariGo to GTE-Pro: Ford and Ferrari
  • GTE-Pro: Chevrolet and PorscheGo to GTE-Pro: Chevrolet and Porsche
  • Supercar Classic ClashGo to Supercar Classic Clash
  • Italian PrimeGo to Italian Prime
  • Porsche Performance ShowdownGo to Porsche Performance Showdown
  • Concept vs ProductionGo to Concept vs Production

Manufacturers and cars

The player will come across 18 manufacturers:

And across 61 cars:


Categories (9)
AmateurNASCARPro/AmProExpertMasterEliteLegendExclusive Series

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