The intention of this pages is to keep a history of Real Racing 3, it is this is an exact copy of the release notes, originally posted by Firemonkeys, EA and now iTunes. Note: Grammar and spelling should not be corrected.

Upcoming Career And Car Changes To Real Racing 3 In 6.3 (EA)

In our May update (6.3) we'll be making more changes to the Motorsports category in Real Racing 3, including the introduction of a new Motorsports Group, Endurance GT Racing.

Motorsports: 2017 Porsche & Aston Martin
The 2017 Porsche 911 RSR (2017) and the Aston Martin Vantage GTE (2017) will be moving from Career to a new season within Endurance GT Racing.

We will be removing the GTE-Pro: Porsche vs. Aston Martin bonus series in 6.3. The events in GTE-Pro: Porsche vs. Aston Martin will no longer count towards total career completion.

Any Gold/R$ you have not received via series completion for GTE-Pro: Porsche vs. Aston Martin will NO LONGER be attainable in 6.3.

You will keep your cars and upgrades and can use them in Endurance GT Racing.

Motorsports: McLaren F1 GTR
The McLaren F1 GTR will feature in a new season within Endurance GT Racing. The addition will result in performance changes to the car and alterations to its Career Series, McLaren Generations.

McLaren F1 GTR Performance Change

The F1 GTR will receive a performance change to reflect its real-world capabilities better and ensure that all cars will be able to complete the newly available season in Endurance GT Racing.

The following McLaren F1 GTR stats will change:

Performance Rating

  • Original Performance Rating: 63.6 → 80.3
  • New Performance Rating: 51.1 → 72.0

Top Speed

  • Original Top Speed: 240 mph (386 kph) → 261 mph (420 kph)
  • New Top Speed: 225 (362kph) → 252 mph (405 kph)


  • Original Acceleration: 3.0 s → 2.54 s
  • New Acceleration: 3.9 s → 3.22 s


  • Original Brakes: 95 ft (28.9 m) → 85 ft (25.9 m)
  • New Brakes: 99 ft (30.1 m) → 85 ft (25.9 m)


  • No Changes (1.3g → 1.5g)
  • The McLaren F1 GTR's cost will reduce from 750 gold to 630 Gold. Upgrade prices will remain the same.

McLaren Generations Change

Because of McLaren F1 GTR stat change, the Career Series, McLaren Generations has changed.

As part of this refresh, we have added the McLaren 720S Coupe and the McLaren P1 to bridge the gap between the F1 GTR and the P1 GTR. Some events have been removed and replaced with 720S and P1 Showcases and Time Trials.

Due to the performance change of the McLaren F1 GTR, progress in the series will be reset, and completed events will need to be re-completed to regain trophies in the series.

Players who have already received completion rewards (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) will instead gain repeat completion rewards when reaching that percentage completion again.

First-time completion rewards:

  • 25% - 10 gold, R$ 10,000
  • 50% - 16 gold, R$ 16,000
  • 75% - 21 gold, R$ 21,000
  • 100% - 33 gold, R$ 33,000

Repeat completion rewards:

  • 25% - 1 gold, R$ 1,000
  • 50% - 1 gold, R$ 1,000
  • 75% - 2 gold, R$ 2,000
  • 100% - 3 gold, R$ 3,000

For example, a player who has gotten halfway through the series has already claimed 10 gold for 25% completion and 16 gold for 50% completion. Upon updating to 6.3, all trophies earned in the series will be removed. The player can now get 1 gold for re-completing 25%, 1 gold for re-completing 50% completion and the first time rewards of 21 and 33 gold for 75% and 100% completion.

Although you will only receive repeat completion rewards for re-completing this career series you will be able to gain up to 67 gold from the new Motorsport Season in the McLaren F1 GTR.

Future Motorsports Changes
For future updates, the team is looking into moving other motorsports-related cars into existing/new Motorsports Groups.

Moving cars from the Career into Motorsports Groups will sometimes result in the removal of Career Series featuring those cars.

Any changes to existing Career content will be announced before the update's release.

Real Racing 3 Ferrari Update (v6.2)

EA (v6.2)

Real Racing 3 Ferrari Update

Identical to History#Firemonkeys (v6.2) Announcement

Firemonkeys (v6.2)

6.2 - Ferrari (March 27th, 2018) Related Games:

From 1984 to present day, Real Racing 3 brings players a decades-spanning Ferrari experience like no other!

New Cars

1984 Ferrari Testarossa
Performance Rating: 20.2 → 42.0
Service Wait Time: 3 hours
Cost: 250 Gold

2004 Ferrari F430
Performance Rating: 36.6 → 55.4
Service Wait Time: 3 hours
Cost: 350 Gold

2017 Ferrari J50
Performance Rating: 48.9 → 66.3
Service Wait Time: 3 hours
Cost: 450 Gold

2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast
Performance Rating: 54.9 → 72.0
Service Wait Time: 3 hours
Cost: 600 Gold

New Special Events

Road Trip
Rewards: Ferrari Testarossa, 40 gold, R$ 80,000
First Chance to Start Date: 26th March 2018 UTC
Last Chance to Start Date: 1st April 2018 UTC

Flag Racing Ferrari J50 Championship
Rewards: Ferrari J50, 80 gold, R$ 130,000
Start Date: 7th April 2018 UTC
End Date: 14th April 2018 UTC
Maximum Required PR: 63.4

Rewards: Ferrari 812 Superfast, 100 gold, R$ 150,000
First Chance to Start Date: 15th April 2018 UTC
Last Chance to Start Date: 22nd April 2018 UTC

Mastare Ferrari F12berlinetta Championship
Rewards: Ferrari F12berlinetta, 50 gold, R$ 100,000
Start Date: 30th April 2018 UTC
End Date: 7th May 2018 UTC
Maximum Required PR: 60.7

Quanticfire Ferrari F430 Championship
Rewards: Ferrari F430, 60 gold, R$ 110,000
Start Date: 7th May 2018 UTC
End Date: 14th May 2018 UTC
Maximum Required PR: 52.1


Flashback events have returned for 2018, and are available to start at any time during the update. Once an event has begun, however, no other Flashback event may commence until the active one has concluded.

Flashback events now have an updated reward system. Players on their first playthrough of a flashback event will receive the original special event rewards. Players repeating a flashback event can claim stage rewards for any stage they had not previously completed and will receive a final R$/Gold reward regardless

No Compromise
First Released: 27th June 2016
First Time Reward: Ferrari FXX-K, 90 gold and R$ 110,000
Repeat Reward: 30 gold and R$50,000

Lamborghini's Legacy
First Released: 12th March 2017
First Time Reward: Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4, 100 gold and R$ 120,000
Repeat Reward: 25 gold and R$45,000

One on 1
First Released: 17th April 2017
First Time Reward: Koenigsegg One:1, 110 gold and R$ 160,000
Repeat Reward: 30 gold and R$65,000

New CAREER Bonus Series

80s Poster Exotics
Cars: Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari Testarossa
Rewards: 60 gold, R$60,000
Location: LEGEND
Unlocks From: 31 Trophies in Supercar Elites OR completing Road Trip
Maximum Required PR: 40.5

Millennial Sports
Cars: Ford GT (2005), Porsche 911 GT2 (2003), Ferrari F430
Rewards: 56 gold, R$56,000
Location: EXPERT
Unlocks From: 21 Trophies in Aston Martin Expedition OR completing Quanticfire Ferrari F430 Championship
Maximum Required PR: 53.7

Japanese Ultra
Cars: NISSAN Skyline GT-R Group A (BNR32), Nissan Silvia (S15) R3 Spec, Ferrari J50
Rewards: 66 gold, R$66,000
Location: MASTER
Unlocks From: 30 Trophies in GT3 World Series OR completing Flag Racing Ferrari J50 Championship
Maximum Required PR: 64.7

Superfast Supercars
Cars: Lotus Exige 360 Cup, Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4, Ferrari 812 Superfast
Rewards: 66 gold, R$66,000
Location: ELITE
Unlocks From: 12 Trophies in Ferrari Faceoff OR completing Inheritance
Maximum Required PR: 70.6


Fully upgrade the following cars to unlock new exclusive series.

Aston Martin Vantage GTE (2017)

McLaren MP4/4

Limited Time Easter Chocolate Colours:

Three chocolate colors have been made available on customizable cars for free for the duration of this update. Colors include White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate.

Instant Servicing added to VIP

All cars that have VIP will now provide instant servicing as well as the already offered instant car and upgrade deliveries.

Other Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Real Racing 3 now supports iPhone X. The following changes have been made to support non-rectangular screens:
  • For all devices, the Leaderboard will now open/close via an icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Minor changes to the layout on most screens.
  • Fixed the main menu Race button not selecting Exclusive Series when getting a compatible series for the currently selected car.
  • Fix for some players being unable to access the store until they restarted the build.
  • Fix for iOS car sale notifications taking players to the main menu rather than the car that is on sale.
  • Fix for Android O notifications not working after closing the game.
  • Fix for missing Android O notification channel.
  • Rev lights on the steering wheel of the Ferrari 599 GTO and Ferrari Enzo Ferrari now light up.
  • Fix for the Overall Completion stat on the Friends leaderboard being incorrect
  • Fixed minor graphical mistakes on the Chevrolet Camaro SS (2017).
  • Other very minor bug fixes for particular circumstances.

iTunes (v6.2)

6.2.0Mar 26, 2018

From 1984 to present day, Real Racing 3 brings players a decades-spanning Ferrari experience like no other! Put the pedal to the metal when you:

  • Kick off this incredible update with the classic 1984 Ferrari Testarossa in an all-new special event
  • Take on three limited-time series featuring the 2016 Ferrari J50, 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and 2004 Ferrari F430
  • Show off your skills in the Inheritance special event and bring the 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast to your garage

Plus, Flashback Events return, Real Racing TV has new episodes, and even more surprises. Check them out today, and start racing!

Real Racing 3 Aston Martin and Daytona 500 Update (v6.1)

EA (v6.1)

Real Racing 3 DAYTONA 500 and Aston Martin Update

Identical to Firemonkeys (v6.1) Announcement

Firemonkeys (v6.1)

6.1 - Daytona and Aston Martin (February 13th, 2018) Related Games:

Real Racing 3 returns to Daytona for a third exhilarating year, and introduces some major changes to Career and Motorsports.

New Cars

Aston Martin Vantage GTE (2017)
Performance Rating: 78.1 → 92.0
Service Wait Time: 3 hours
Cost: 650 Gold
Available Liveries: 95, 97 (LMGTE PRO) 90, 98, 99 (LMGTE AM)

NASCAR 2018 Season Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
Performance Rating: 43.8 → 61.7
Service Wait Time: 3 hours
Cost: 500 Gold
Available Liveries: 3 (Austin Dillon), 9 (Chase Elliott), 24 (William Byron), 42 (Kyle Larson), 43 (Bubba Wallace) & 48 (Jimmie Johnson)

NASCAR 2018 Season Toyota Camry
Performance Rating: 43.8 → 61.7
Service Wait Time: 3 hours
Cost: 500 Gold
Available Liveries: 11 (Denny Hamlin), 18 (Kyle Busch), 19 (Daniel Suarez), 20 (Erik Jones) & 78 (Martin Truex Jr.)

NASCAR 2018 Season Ford Fusion
Performance Rating: 43.8 → 61.7
Service Wait Time: 3 hours
Cost: 500 Gold
Available Liveries: 2 (Brad Keselowski), 4 (Kevin Harvick), 10 (Alric Almirola[1]), 12 (Ryan Blaney) & 22 (Joey Logano)

Chevrolet Camaro SS (2017)
Performance Rating: 28.6 → 47.8
Service Wait Time: 2 hours
Cost: 200 Gold

Chevrolet Camaro SS (1967)
Performance Rating: 3.4 → 19.7
Service Wait Time: 2 hours
Cost: 55 Gold

New Special Events

Daytona 500 2018 Camaro ZL1 Championship
Rewards: NASCAR 2018 Season Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, 70 gold, R$100,000
Start Date: 13th February 2018
End Date: 20th February 2018
Maximum Required PR: 58.0

NASCAR '18 Season Camry Championship
Rewards: NASCAR 2018 Season Toyota Camry, 70 gold, R$100,000
Start Date: 20th February 2018
End Date: 27th February 2018
Maximum Required PR: 58.0

NASCAR '18 Season Fusion Championship
Rewards: NASCAR 2018 Season Ford Fusion, 70 gold, R$100,000
Start Date: 20th February 2018
End Date: 27th February 2018
Maximum Required PR: 58.0

Camaro Fifty '17 Chevrolet Camaro SS Championship
Rewards: Chevrolet Camaro SS (2017), 20 gold, R$55,555
Start Date: 28th February 2018
End Date: 7th March 2018
Maximum Required PR: 44.0

Balance Of Power
Rewards: Aston Martin Vantage GTE (2017), 80 gold, R$120,000
First Chance to Start Date: 4th March 2018
Last Chance to Start Date: 9th March 2018
Maximum Recommended PR: 89.3

Gameonix Spada Codatronca Barchetta Championship
Rewards: Spada Codatronca Barchetta, 50 gold, R$50,000
Start Date: 18th March 2018
End Date: 25th March 2018
Maximum Required PR: 69.3[2]

New CAREER Bonus Series

Vintage Muscle
Cars: Dodge Charger RT (1969), Shelby Cobra GT500 (1967), Chevrolet Camaro SS (1967)
Location: Pro
Unlocks From: Classic American Muscle
Maximum Required PR: 18.1

Maximum Muscle
Cars: Dodge Charger SRT8, Ford Mustang GT Premium, Chevrolet Camaro SS (2017)
Location: Pro
Unlocks From: Classic American Muscle OR completing Camaro Fifty '17 Chevrolet Camaro SS Championship
Maximum Required PR: 47.0

GTE-Pro: Aston Martin and Porsche
Cars: Porsche 911 RSR (2017), Aston Martin Vantage GTE (2017)
Location: Legend
Unlocks From: Group C: Championship OR completing Balance Of Power
Maximum Required PR: 91.2


Fully upgrade the following cars to unlock new exclusive series.

2000 Nissan Silvia (S15) R3 Spec
2011 Lotus Type 125

Motorsports Changes

We’ve created a new MOTORSPORTS category in-game. The aim of Motorsports is to improve access to our Motorsports content and streamline career progression. As such, all Formula E and NASCAR content has been removed from the CAREER and new content will be created in the new MOTORSPORTS category. Any Gold/R$ a player has not received via removed series completion/collection completion will NO LONGER be attainable in 6.1. Any liveries that were winnable via a removed collection will be free to purchase in 6.1.

Players will keep their cars and their upgrades and can use them to complete the new Motorsport content.

New Motorsports Series

New Motorsport series will be unlocked if players own any of the cars in that Motorsport series.

Quanticfire Talent Tour
Cars: NASCAR Academy Chevrolet SS, NASCAR Academy Ford Fusion, Sunoco Toyota Camry
Location: NASCAR Motorsports Group
Unlocks From: NASCAR Academy OR by owning any of the featured cars
Maximum Required PR: 54.0

NASCAR 2018 Season
Cars: NASCAR 2018 Season Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Ford Fusion & Toyota Camry Location: NASCAR Motorsports Group
Unlocks From: Quanticfire Talent Tour OR by owning any of the featured cars
Maximum Required PR: 59.5

3 Additional Motorsports Series
Cars: 2017, 2016 & 2015 NASCAR Stock Cars
Location: NASCAR Motorsports Group
Unlocks From: Completing the previous series OR by owning any of the featured cars
Maximum Required PR: 55.5, 57.0, 57.0

Formula E 2016-17 Season
Location: Formula E Motorsports Group
Unlocks From: Driver Level 20 or by owning any of the featured cars
Maximum Required PR: 54.0

Removed CAREER Series

16 CAREER series (and any of their collections) have been removed:

The removed events will no longer count towards series completion.

Motorsport Car Performance Rating Changes

Minor Performance Rating (PR) changes have been made to Motorsport cars to avoid situations where one car is less optimal (players have to upgrade more) in order to complete the same series.

The following example shows the PR changes for the Formula E cars:


Old PR (33.3 -> 56.9)
New PR (33.4 -> 57.1)


Old PR (33.2 -> 56.8)
New PR (33.4 -> 57.1)

SRT_01E (RENAULT Z.E. 16) keeps the same PR (33.4 -> 57.1)

Similar PR changes have been made to the other Motorsport cars.

Other Motorsport Car Changes

  • The prices and wait times of Motorsport cars have been updated to make them more consistent.
  • 7 Motorsport cars will drop from their cost from 700-750 gold to 500 gold. Their upgrade prices will remain the same.
  • 4 of the Motorsport cars have had their service time reduced from 4 hours to 3 hours.
  • The NASCAR Academy cars have been changed to better reflect their minimum Performance Rating.
    • NASCAR Academy Chevrolet SS price will increase from R$30,000 to R$200,000. Upgrade prices and upgrade wait time have also increased. Service wait time will remain at 10 min.
    • NASCAR Academy Ford Fusion price will increase from R$25,700 to R$400,000. Upgrade prices and upgrade wait time have also increased. Service wait time going from 1 min to 20 min.
  • Sunoco Toyota Camry rice(sic) will remain the same at R$720,000. Service wait time has been reduced from 2 hours to 30 min.

Other Changes

  • A new RACE button has replaced the old CAREER button on the right side of the Home menu. Now instead of guiding you to a series for your selected car it will take you straight to that series. The name and location of the series has been added so you have a good idea where you are going to end up when you hit the button.
  • Due to the Career Goals providing mixed success at 'advancing your racing career', taking up a significant portion of the main menu and occupying too much of Agent Natalia's time we have removed the feature. Natalia will still offer the usual double fame bonus and organize the occasional lucrative special event.
  • With the introduction of Motorsport Groups we've taken the opportunity to update the driver level unlock requirements for multiple features. If you have already unlocked content or a feature, it won't be re-locked again. Driver Level is just one way of unlocking Career Groups, you can also unlock them by completing preceding series or winning/buying a car to unlock its bonus series.
  • Amateur - At game launch
  • Pro/Am - Driver Level 12
  • Pro - Driver Level 24
  • Expert - Driver Level 34
  • Master - Driver Level 44
  • Elite - Driver Level 52
  • Legend - Driver Level 60
  • NASCAR - Driver Level 14
  • Formula E - Driver Level 20
  • Weekly Time Trial Tournament - Driver Level 6
  • Race Teams - Driver Level 10
  • Online Multiplayer - Driver Level 16

Audio Updates:

We’ve implemented improvements to the overall audio quality of Real Racing 3. Audio is an integral part of Real Racing and with these changes we aim to create an even more immersive experience. Click here for more details.

Other Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  1. Aric Almirola
  2. Actual Maximum Required PR: 69.9 in Tier 14.3.

iTunes (v6.1)

What's New
Feb 12, 2018 Version 6.1.0
Feel the thrill of the Great American Race once again as Real Racing 3 returns to Daytona in our third exhilarating NASCAR update. Buckle up for this action when you:

  • Leave the competition in the dust in three all-new NASCAR limited-time series, featuring the NASCAR 2018 Chevy Camaro, Toyota Camry, and Ford Fusion
  • Show off your skills in the Balance of Power special event and bring the 2017 Aston Martin Vantage GTE to your garage
  • Earn the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS and the SPADA Codatronca Barchetta in two limited-time series
  • Celebrate our fifth birthday with a special surprise

All this, plus an improved, player-friendly main menu redesign, new episodes of Real Racing TV, and some more surprises. Check them out today, and start racing!

Upcoming Audio Changes in Real Racing 3 (EA)


In the upcoming Aston Martin and Daytona 500 update (6.1), we're implementing improvements to the overall audio quality of Real Racing 3. Audio is an integral part of Real Racing and with these changes we aim to create an even more immersive experience. Below are a list of changes you should listen out for:

  • All engines in game have been re-made, including the addition and replacement of some engines.
  • Audio artifacting has been eliminated in most situations and overall car engines sound have more weight, clearer and less harsh.
  • High-RPM cars have gone through engine reworks, using looping engines to comfortably sit at their max speed without audio artifacting.
  • These cars include but aren't limited to: Ferrari F14 T, Ferrari 412 T2, McLaren MP4/4, Mazda 787B, all NASCAR stock cars.
  • All tyre surface sounds including skids and ripplestrips have been re-done to be clearer and less distorted.
  • New transmission sound effects have been created for existing V8 Supercars.
  • New car impact sound effects have been created.
  • New gearshift sound effects have been created for cockpit view, producing a more natural experience
  • New Transmission sounds and engine ramps have been added.
  • Equaliser and volume settings for all camera views has been refined to be less fatiguing and provide more audio clarity.
  • Overall game volume has been adjusted to reflect LUFS industry standards.
  • Check out a comparison of audio before and after the changes below:

The Aston Martin and Daytona 500 update will be released on February 13 where you can experience the full spectrum of changes in addition to new cars and special events. Make sure to download the update and let us know what you think on Twitter!

Real Racing 3 Real Racing Classics Update (v6.0.7)

EA (v6.0.7)

Get ready to take on three pulse-pounding, limited-time series to earn awesome cars from some of our most exciting manufacturers!

New Special Events

Mastare Jaguar C-X75 Championship
Completion Rewards: Jaguar C-X75, 40 gold, R$100,000
Start Date: 22nd January 2018 UTC
End Date: 30th January 2018 UTC

Mastare McLaren 570GT Championship
Completion Rewards: McLaren 570GT, 40 gold, R$80,000
Start Date: 30th January 2018 UTC
End Date: 6th February 2018 UTC

Maplethorpe Tyres Lamborghini Miura Championship
Completion Rewards: Lamborghini Miura, 30 gold, R$60,000
Start Date: 6th February 2018 UTC
End Date: 12th February 2018 UTC

New Exclusive Series for the following cars:

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

Upcoming Changes to Career and Cars:

Next update, we’re creating a new Motorsports category in-game. The aim of Motorsports is to improve access to our Motorsports content and streamline career progression. We're also making a number of balancing changes to Motorsports cars. Click here for more details.

Firemonkeys (v6.0.5)

Identical to EA (v6.0.7) Announcement

iTunes (v6.0.7)

What's New

Version 6.0.7

Get ready to take on three pulse-pounding, limited-time series to earn awesome cars from some of our most exciting manufacturers! Beat the competition and get the:

Check them out today, and start racing!

Real Racing 3 Red Bull Ring Update (v6.0.0)

EA (v6.0.0)

The holiday season is here with a vengeance as the iconic, record-breaking McLaren MP4/4 roars onto the all-new Red Bull Ring world-championship race track!

Red Bull Ring

Located in Spielberg, Styria, Australia[1] The Red Bull Ring is featured in the FIA Formula One Austrian Grand Prix, FIA Formula 2 Championship, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, and MotoGP. The circuit features two new variants: Red Bull Ring Grand Prix Circuit and Red Bull Ring National. The Red Bquipull Ring Grand Prix Circuit runs 4.33 km in length and features seven distinct turns. The Red Bull Ring National runs 2.34 km in length and features four distinct turns. Each variant has a morning, noon, and afternoon time of day.

2000 NISSAN SILVIA (S15) R3 Spec

What better way to celebrate our 200th car in Real Racing 3 than by going back to where it all started! This R3 Spec is a complete evolution into something terrifyingly quick. Earn then 2000 NISSAN SILVIA (15) R3 Spec in-game during the R3-Spec NISSAN SILVIA (S15) Championship Special Event starting December 5 (AEDT).

2018 Lamborghini Huracán Performante

Witness the perfection of the Performante. A full makeover - inside and out - to redefine what a super sports car can be. Earn the 2018 Lamborghini Huracán Performante in-game during The Perfect Storm 6-day Special Event, starting December 11 (AEDT).

1988 McLaren MP4/4

Push the limits. Fear nothing. Re-live the glory days of the MP4/4, one of the most dominant F1 cars of all-time. Earn the 1988 McLaren MP4/4 in-game during the Fearless 7-Day Special Event, starting December 24 (AEDT).

2017 Ford GT

A true culmination of the '05 Ford GT and the '16 Ford GT LM into the ultimate GT. Earn the 2017 Ford GT in-game in the Ford GT (2017) Championship Special Event, starting January 6 (AEDT).

2016 Porsche 911 RSR Dempsey

The Gauntlet and number 77 LM GTE Pro returns to Real Racing 3. Earn the 2016 Porsche 911 RSR Dempsey in-game during the Gauntlet Season 13 starting January 17 (AEDT).

New Bonus Series:

New Exclusive Series for the following cars:

Buckle up for this action-packed update!

Firemonkeys (v6.0.0)

New Cars

Nissan SILVIA (S15) R3

Celebrate our 200th car, the Nissan Silvia, reborn in all its R3 Spec glory!

Lamborghini Huracán Performante

The ultimate performance Huracán, the Lamborghini Huracán Performante, whirls into Real Racing 3.

McLaren MP4/4

Only the fearless can drive the iconic McLaren MP4/4!

Ford GT (2017)

New Track!

Red Bull Ring

  • 2 Red Bull Ring Variants:
    • Red Bull Ring GP
    • Red Bull Ring National

Red Bull Ring can be found in the following live events:

The following career series:

And in these other places:

Other content additions

  • Gauntlet Season 13
    100% Completion Reward: Porsche 911 RSR (2016)
    Start Date: 17th January 2018
    End Date: 22nd January 2018
  • 2 New Exclusive Series
    Fully upgrade the following cars to unlock new exclusive series.
    Aston Martin Vantage AMR Pro
    Ferrari LaFerrari
  • Limited Time Christmas Vinyls
    Limited Time Christmas Vinyls enabled on any car for free for the duration of this update. We have also disabled Limited Time Halloween Vinyls. Those Vinyls will remain on cars as long as you don't remove them!
  • Flashback Events have ended
    Flashback events have ended for 2017 and will return some time in 2018. Any in-progress Flashback events can still be finished after updating.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the RACE button on an LTS pop-up was not functional.
  • Fixed an issue where players signed in with Google would see their profile avatars instead of opponents.
  • Removed high rpm car sound in background of the What's New pages.
  • Fixed a bug where friends would disappear from the Race Team Invite Friends Box after that friend declined an invite.
  • Fixed race position hud element behaving abnormally on Mount Panorama in Online Multiplayer.
  • Fix for Career Special Events incorrectly showing the 'next event starts in' message when they had been completed.
  • Minor fix for Renault DeZir dashboard when viewed in photo mode.
  • Corrected the break lights on the Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO.

iTunes (v6.0.0)

What's New in Version 6.0.0
The holiday season is here with a vengeance as the iconic, record-breaking McLaren MP4/4 roars onto the all-new Red Bull Ring world-championship race track! Buckle up for this action-packed update as you:

All this, plus new episodes of Real Racing TV and some more surprises. Check them out today, and start racing!

Upcoming Changes to Career and Series in Real Racing 3 (EA)


In the February update (6.1) we will be making a number of changes to Real Racing 3.

Main Menu Redesign
The main menu has been redesigned to improve access to in-game content.

  • More features will now be accessible from the home page.
  • Career groups will now be found beneath a new Career category.
  • Career Goals will be removed from the game.
  • Exclusive series will remain on the main menu.
  • A new motorsports category will be created (more details below).
  • The career button will be replaced with a race button that takes you directly to the most relevant series for the car you have selected.

New Motorsports category and removal of Career Goals: We’re creating a new Motorsports category in-game. The aim of Motorsports is to improve access to our Motorsports content and streamline career progression.

As part of this feature there will be a number of changes:

All Formula E and NASCAR content will be removed from the Career and new content will be created in the new Motorsports category.

  • In total 16 series are being removed and 5 new series are being created. Whilst this reduces the total rewards, the number of cars required to complete the content is reduced from 16 to 5, significantly lowering the cost for completion.
  • The removed series will no longer be playable, and series progression will be reset. Any R$ or Gold series completion or collection rewards not obtained before players update to 6.1(launching on the 13th February) will no longer be winnable.
  • Your cars, liveries and upgrades will remain the same.
  • Players who have completed the removed series will have the opportunity to play through the new series and earn the new completion rewards.
  • Liveries that were winnable as part of collections in this content will be available for free in the 6.1 update.

As part of this change we’re making a number of balancing changes to Motorsports cars:

  • For motorsports cars costing gold, a number of prices are being dropped and upgrades will remain the same (no gold cars will increase in price).
  • In the case of R$ motorsports cars we want to align price with performance, their prices will be increased (cost and upgrades) but will remain R$.
  • Minor Performance Rating (PR) increases will be made to some cars to equalise the cost required to complete their series, these changes will not affect the cars performance.
  • Some servicing times will be adjusted in line with performance, more cars will see their servicing time lowered instead of increased.

Real Racing 3 Aston Martin Update (v5.6.0)

EA (v5.6.0)

2009 Aston Martin One-77

With a limited run of only 77 cars, this exotic beauty is fit for any true collector's garage. Earn the 2009 Aston Martin One-77 in-game during The Elusive One Special Event, starting October 24 (AEDT).

2017 Aston Martin Vantage AMR Pro

An extreme expression of performance built off an astonishing racing pedigree. Discover the ultimate iteration of the Vantage in the Track to Tarmac Special Event, starting November 6 (AEDT), and earn the 2017 Aston Martin Vantage AMR Pro in-game.

2018 Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO

Race a truly remarkable Huracán, Lamborghini's pinnacle Super Trofeo EVO, and prepare to be blown away by its race-oriented performance and power. Earn the 2018 Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO in-game in the 'Super Trofeo' Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo Championship, starting November 14 (AEDT).

2011 Lotus Type 125

As blindingly fast as a GP car of the late-1990s. Put this F1-inspired race car's performance to the test and find out what makes it so unique in the Gameonix Lotus Type 125 Championship, starting November 20 (AEDT), and earn the 2011 Lotus Type 125 in-game.

2018 Jaguar XE SV Project 8

The most uncompromising performance car that Jaguar has ever made. Push the boundaries of what a performance sports car can be in the Mastare Jaguar XE SV Project 8 Championship, starting November 27 (AEDT), and earn the 2018 Jaguar XE SV Project 8 in-game.

Featured Flashback Events:

New Bonus Series:

New Exclusive Series for the following cars:

Make sure to keep an eye on Real Racing TV for insights on the game, tips, and tricks through the update!

See you on the track, racers!

Firemonkeys (v5.6.0)






  • Limited Time Halloween Vinyls Enabled


  • Fixed an issue where bluetooth controllers would lose functionality mid-race.
  • Fixed issue in 5.5 where players could not login to Facebook on Android TV.
  • Stopped the Lap Timer resetting when crossing the start line for the first lap of an Online Multiplayer Race.

iTunes (v5.6.0)

What's New in Version 5.6.0
The Aston Martin Vantage AMR Pro - the first of a new generation of race cars - glides into Real Racing 3 with Track to Tarmac, a 7-day special event. Also, the incredible Aston Martin One-77 could be yours for the taking. In this jam-packed update, you can:

Keep an eye on Real Racing TV for insights on the game, tips, and tricks. Check it out today, and start racing!

Real Racing 3 McLaren and Bathurst Update (v5.5.0)

EA (v5.5.0)


Supercars and a Super Series come together in a jam-packed update!

2018 McLaren 720S Coupe

When you replace a staple of your roster, you best throw everything at it. The 720S stands as the successor to the McLaren 650S, a car that has enjoyed a beloved production run since 2014, and whose DNA flows through the McLaren 675LT. Boasting an improved 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the McLaren 720S pushes 710bhp to bring the car from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds. Every nook and cranny has been meticulously shaped to make this the most aerodynamic Super Series to date. It just so happens to be its sexiest as well. The McLaren 720S is earnable in-game in the Relentless Special Event starting September 10 (AEST).

2017 Supercars Championship Season

The Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 is a thousand-kilometer dash over 161 laps around Mount Panorama Circuit. The track is well known for its vast vertical difference of 174 meters between its highest, and lowest point, and on non-racing days, Mount Panorama is open to the public to drive on. Race drivers travel 6.213km per lap, and reach average speeds of 178km/h. Although additional marques have since returned to the Supercars Championship, for nearly two decades this annual event focused exclusively on one of the country's most fierce and enduring rivalries - Holden vs Ford. To a large extent, it still is.

2017 marks the introduction of the Gen2 Supercar, a dramatic evolution of the previous regulation vehicles. Traditionally, entrants were restricted to 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8s (hence being previously known as V8 Supercars). Instead, teams are now able to use turbocharged four- or six-cylinder engines, housed in two-door coupé body styles. Despite these new rules, 2017 remains absent of any such cars. We will only see new cars built to these regulations in 2018.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR

The 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans was famous for its 17 hours of continuous rain buffeting the track. That, and the fact that debut marquee, McLaren, placed first, third, four, and fifth with the McLaren F1 GTR. 20 years later, the manufacturer resurrected the GTR label and released a fitting track-built tribute in the form of the McLaren P1 GTR. Available only to P1 owners, the combined investment in purchasing both these cars would set you back a minimum of GB£2.77 million. Not that there are any left in the showroom. The McLaren P1 GTR is earnable in-game in the Mastare P1 GTR Championship starting September 22 (AEST).

Community Challenges:

We're introducing a new twist on the Limited-Timed Special Events, dubbed Community Challenges. In this new series, racers will continue to compete to earn cars and other in-game rewards, however bonus rewards will be unlocked based on completing racing-related goals as a community. These goals are tiered, and rewards are based on overall completion of milestones. For our first Community Challenge, racers will need to complete 90 million laps within the open period of the Maplethorpe Veyron Community Challenge, starting October 14 (AEST).

Flashback Events:

This update, we're offering Flashback Events for the 2015 Porsche Cayman GT4, 2010, Renault Dezir Concept, and the 2015 Hennessey Venom GT. If you're missing any of these cars, now is the perfect opportunity to grow your garage and add some high-powered weapons!

It's a showstopper of an update. Head in-game and starting racing now!

Firemonkeys (v5.5.0)

5.5 - McLaren + Bathurst II (September 6th, 2017)






  • New Real Racing TV Videos now have a New Tag
  • Fixed crash related to interstitial ads
  • Fixed sign in issues related to Google Play on Android
  • Fixed Mount Panorama adding an extra lap to Race Team Distance Challenges
  • Backslashes will no longer appear before certain characters on the Race Team Wall
  • Only Career Events count towards the Trophy Count in the player profile to avoid loss of Trophies when players update to new versions
  • Fixed issue where another players Garage will not show up all their cars
  • Rear view camera will no longer get stuck when pressed during the countdown of an OMP race
  • Fixed steering wheel not being attached to the dashboard for the Jaguar C-X75
  • Changed Google Plus/Play functionality

iTunes (v5.5.0)

What's New in Version 5.5.0
Two intense competitions head into Real Racing 3! First, the McLaren 720S pulls up to the starting line. Prepare to push the limits of what you thought was possible in a supercar. Then, it’s the return of the Bathurst 1000 – the pinnacle of Australian V8 Supercar racing! Also in this jam-packed update, you can:

Plus, complete the Community Challenge, where along with other players, you’ll work together to collect rewards. The more everyone contributes, the more everyone is rewarded! And, keep an eye on Real Racing TV for insights on the game, tips, and tricks. Check it out today, and start racing!

Real Racing 3 Mazda Update (v5.4.0)

EA (v5.4.0)

No news released

Firemonkeys (v5.4.0)

5.4 - Mazda (July 18th, 2017)






  • Minor improvements to Anti-Cheating procedures for Race Team Competitions
  • Fixed missing Mirrors on Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC10 in Bonnet Cam

iTunes (v5.4.0)

What's New in Version 5.4.0
Two iconic MAZDAs, the RX-3 and RX-7 Spirit R (FD), roll into Real Racing 3 in two limited-time series. Race to earn these historic cars, then get ready to:

All this, plus more content in Real Racing TV. Check it out today, and start racing!

Real Racing 3 Le Mans 2017 Update (v5.3.0)

EA (v5.3.0)


Classic rides. Classic race. Real Racing returns to Le Mans for its fourth year!

2017 Porsche 911 RSR

This is the first Porsche 911 to break with over half a century of design, and deliver a 4.0-liter flat-six sitting in front of the rear axle. Why the shift away from the previous engine layout and its traction advantage? Shifting the engine upwards vastly improves weight distribution, and it frees up space for that mighty diffuser you see jutting out of its rear. On top of beautiful stability and steering, the 2017 RSR should also see less disproportionate tyre wear. These changes might just be enough to bring Porsche and the 911 badge back to the top of LMGTE-PRO.

1991 Mazda 787B

Imagine the sense of glee and superiority every European constructor felt in 1991 when they not only saw, but heard the Mazda 787B and its high-pitched whirring synonymous with rotaries. Now imagine those same Europeans' horror as that incomparable wail proceeded to beat them at the very sport they both launched and dominated for nearly a century. The Mazda 787B presented a truly unique competitor in its design. The 26B Wankel rotary engine, longitudinally mid-mounted, pushed a maximum output of 690 hp on race day via four rotors spinning in unison, matching the top speeds of over 200 mph its piston engine competitors kept hitting. The 1991 Mazda 787B remains the only non-piston engine car and the only Japanese constructor to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

2013 Caterham Seven 620R LTS

Named after its town of origin, Caterham are responsible for some of the purest driving experiences around, courtesy of the legendary Colin Chapman, and his mantra, “Simplify, then add lightness”. Based off of the Lotus Seven, which Caterham acquired from Chapman in 1973, the Seven 620R improves on its renowned sibling, the R500, with a 0-60mph time of 2.79 seconds, top speed of 155mph, and power-to-weight ratio of 568bhp-per-tonne. EVO Magazine gave the 620R its coveted track car of the year when it debuted in 2013. We'd tend to agree.

1988 Jaguar XJR-9

It had been seven years since a constructor other than Porsche had claimed pole position at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

It had been even longer since Jaguar had won (31 years to be precise). Fueled by a herculean partnership between Tom Walkinshaw Racing and essentially the entirety of Jaguar, the XJR-9 felt like the perfect embodiment of this monumental investment and lust for victory. A gargantuan 6.5-liter V12 engine and a magnificently constructed cage capable of containing such a beast gave Jaguar the fighting chance to dethrone the Le Mans incumbents. When it finally did, the racecar had covered 5,332.97 kilometers over 24 hours. That distance wouldn't be outdone until 2010.

1987 Porsche 962C

Chances are that if you searched through the winners of any international motorsport championship in the 1980s you'll find the Porsche 962 nestled comfortably in there. Partly - no, exactly - the reason why this is considered to one of the greatest racecars ever. What made the Porsche 962C so special, however, was the constructor's resilience and ability to adapt to recent rule changes and remain a dominant force worldwide. After the Porsche 956 was banned due to driver safety concerns, the 962 emerged longer, and redesigned to fit the driver behind the front axle center line. The '87 962 specifically housed a brand new twin-turbo, 3.0-liter, six-cylinder engine, along with other various modifications by engineering luminary, Norbert Singer, eager to dominate its rivals. It did, leading Porsche to a historic 7-year winning streak at the 24 Hours of Le Man.

Flashback Events

A fresh batch of Flashback Events are available for you to conquer in Real Racing 3. Remember, these special events are able to be started at any time during the update, however once begun, no other Flashback Event may be started until the active one is finished. For the Le Mans 2017 update, racers will be able to earn in-game the 2014 Ferrari F14T, the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Z51, and the 1985 Lamborghini Countach.

Start today!

Firemonkeys (v5.3.0)

5.3 - LeMans v4 (May 31st, 2017)


Real Racing TV: Your new one-stop location for motorsports news and interviews






  • Fixed some performance issues during races on low end devices
  • Fixed infrequent application crashes on specific devices
  • Fixed missing driver legs in Aston Martin Vulcan
  • Fixed scaling issues on the web browser for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus
  • Fixed the Drag Race Tachometer behaving strangely on some cars

iTunes (v5.3.0)

What's New in Version 5.3.0

For an unprecedented fourth year, Real Racing 3 returns to the world’s oldest endurance race: Le Mans! Head to the starting line with the glorious Mazda 787B, the only rotary engine to ever win the famous race. Also in this jam-packed update, you can:

We’re also introducing the hub for all your in-game news: Real Racing TV. Check it out today, and start racing!

Real Racing 3 Koenigsegg and Nissan Update (v5.2.0)

EA (v5.2.0)

2014 Koenigsegg One:1

It's time to experience the dream equation. Named after it's astounding power-to-weight ratio, 1360 hp matched to 1360 kg, the Koenigsegg One:1 represents the very best that the Swedish manufacturer has to offer. In their words, it's “The world's first Megacar.” The 2014 Koenigsegg One:1 will be earnable in-game during the One on 1 Special Event starting April 18 (AEST).

1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R Group A (BNR32)

After conquering Japanese Touring Car Championship, the R32 GT-R was poised to take on the world. Nissan had already broken previous lap records at Nordschleife, and with its sights set on the Australian Touring Car Championship, Godzilla was born. The “monster from Japan” crushed the incumbent competitors. On the Nissan Skyline's 60th anniversary, it's your turn to discover the car that changed racing forever. The 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R Group A will be earnable in-game during the Unleash the Beast special event starting May 8 (AEST).

1971 Nissan Skyline Hardtop 2000 GT-R (KPGC10)

The car that marked the debut of the GT-R badge and sent shockwaves through the automotive manufacturing industry still felt to this day. The Nissan Skyline - Or Hakosuka to fans worldwide - immediately began scoring victories against competitors from the east to west, and set precedent for what was to become a lineage of one of the most beloved lines of cars ever produced. The 1971 Nissan Skyline Hardtop 2000 GT-R will be earnable in-game during the Unleash the Beast special event starting May 8 (AEST).


2015 marked Nissan's return to prototype racing after its last show in 1999. The GT-R LM differentiated from its rivals through its front mid-engine layout, rather than a more common rear mid-engine layout. The LMP1-H car competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans but was retired at the end of 2015. The 2015 Nissan GT-R LM will be earnable in-game during the Quanticfire GTR LM Championship starting May 22 (AEST).

2015 BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R

The Hommage R is a re-imagining and tribute to one of BMW's most celebrated cars: The 1975 3.0 CSL. Created as part of the 40th anniversary of the original car's success on-track, the Hommage R matches design innovation with the red and two-tone blue of BMW's Motorsport team to deliver an unforgettable concept car. The 2015 BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R will be earnable in-game during the Mastare Hommage R Championship starting April 30 (AEST).

Flashback Events

Missed out on earning some of the most sought-after cars in Real Racing 3? This update we're introducing a brand new gameplay feature called Flashback Events! They reopen previous special events for a second attempt, and the opportunity to re-live some of the most thrilling races in-game. These special events are able to be started at any time during the update, however once begun, no other Flashback Event may be started until the active one is finished. For this update, racers will be able to earn in-game the 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package, the 2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE, and the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4.

Firemonkeys (v5.2.0)

5.2 - Koenigsegg and Nissan (April 18th, 2017)


Flashback Events. These will allow you to re-live the challenge of up to 3 previously run Special Events:





  • Anti-Cheating procedures for Race Team Competitions
  • Fixed goals not working in Time Trials in some Special Events

iTunes (v5.2.0)

What's New in Version 5.2.0

In this update, the Koenigsegg One:1 – one of the most exclusive production cars ever created - makes its way into the Real Racing 3 garage with an 8-day special event. Experience this dream equation, and also:

Start racing today, and thanks for playing!

Real Racing 3 Daytona 500 2017 Update (v5.1.0)

EA (v5.1.0)

Game Update: Daytona 500 2017

February 20, 2017

Real Racing™ 3 returns to Daytona International Speedway ® to celebrate the 59th running of the DAYTONA 500. Buckle up for some high speed action in The Great American Race ®!

The Daytona 500

Fresh faces guide Real Racing 3's return to the DAYTONA 500. Partnering in-game with renowned NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, racers will get to experience an intimate look at the road to the thrilling event. To accompany the event, Real Racing 3 will be on-site at Daytona International Speedway creating a series of exclusive videos to feature both in-game and on our social media channels. Racing legend Dario Franchitti will be with us at the DAYTONA 500 to lend his expertise and charisma in what will be a jam-packed weekend of excitement! The 2017 2017 Ford Fusion race car will be earnable in-game during the DAYTONA: The Great American Race special event, starting February 21 (AEDT). The 2017 Chevrolet SS race car will be earnable in-game during the Maplethorpe Jimmie Johnson Championship limited-time series starting March 26 (AEDT).

2016 Lamborghini Centenario

Built to celebrate Ferruccio Lamborghini's 100th birthday, the 2016 Lamborghini Centenario is the supercar worthy of a centennial tribute. The bull leaps from 0-100 in 2.7 seconds and outputs 770 hp thanks to a tuned 6.5-liter V12 engine. Not to sit idly on 53 years of engineering, the Centenario debuts the new Lamborghini rear-wheel steering system to improve agility and steering. Of course, only 40 of these tributes were produced and sold to the most committed devotees, so good luck driving one in real life. The 2016 Lamborghini Centenario will be earnable in-game during the Lamborghini's Legacy special event, starting March 12 (AEDT).

1995 McLaren F1 GTR

It's hard to imagine that on top of extensive bodywork changes, the 1995 McLaren F1 GTR actually had to be restricted to 600 hp in order to compete in the '95 24 Hours of Le Mans. Reduced weight, and aerodynamic adjustments helped compensate for the neutering, leading to a faster, nimbler supercar that would lead McLaren to a historic victory in France. What was once a road-first supercar, became an on-track legend - a testament to the British manufacturer's engineering prowess. The 1995 McLaren F1 GTR will be earnable for in-game during the Flag Racing F1 GTR Championship starting March 5 (AEDT).

Firemonkeys (v5.1.0)


5.1 - Daytona II (February 21st, 2017)





  • To allow for better result validation and to facilitate anti-cheating checks, only allow contributions to Race Team competitions while online
  • Fixed the Speed Record visual marker to prevent it flickering when driving past it
  • Fixed an issue with iOS screen mirroring not working if the external display was connected before starting Real Racing 3
  • Resolved an audio stuttering issue happening on some Android devices
  • Fixed stationary car engine sounds in Replays
  • Resolved some Drag Races having opponents that are unusually slow
  • Fixed alignment issues in the Friends Leaderboard screens of Time Trials
  • Fixed the missing pre-race Controls, Assists and Crew pop-up menus in Online Multiplayer races

iTunes (v5.1.0)

What's New in Version 5.1.0 [Updated: Feb 20, 2017]

The Big One is back – Real Racing 3 returns to the DAYTONA 500! Kick off this action-packed update with a special event, driving alongside the Stewart-Haas Racing team to earn Danica Patrick's Ford Fusion! You can also:

And watch exclusive, in-game live-streaming content from Daytona featuring racing legend Dario Franchitti only in Real Racing 3!

Real Racing 3 Hot Hatch Update (v5.0.5)

EA (v5.0.5)


Game Update: Hot Hatches

January 25, 2017

Two Hot Hatches have hit the track in Real Racing 3 this update!

2015 Renault Megane Trophy R:

The versatile French hatchback has seen minor tweaks and adjustments over the years to comfortably hit 0-100 in under six seconds. It's most recent iteration dropped the kilograms, replaced the exhaust, front brakes, and shocks in order to break records across Nürburgring, Suzuka, Fuji, and Tsukuba. The Renault Megane Trophy R will be available to earn in the Maplethorpe Megane Championship starting January 30 (AED).

2015 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 R3-Spec:

We're reinvigorating one of Lamborghini 's most stunning recent releases as a brand-new R3-Spec variant. This means that on top of its herculean statistics, we're bumping the performance up a notch, and adding exclusive liveries to the cars. Racers who already own a Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 will also be eligible to earn this new variant. The new car will be available to earn in the R3-Spec Lamborghini Huracán Championship starting January 24 (AEDT).

2016 Ford Shelby GT350R

We're also adding an R3 Spec variant of the Ford Shelby GT350R, also meaning more grunt and liveries to add that extra sting to the car. Racers who already own a Ford Shelby GT350R will also be eligible to earn this new variant. The new car will be available to earn in the Ford Shelby GT350R R3-Spec Championship starting February 4 (AEDT).

2016 Mercedes-AMG A 45:

Take Mercedes-AMG's magic fingers, apply them to a seemingly innocuous hatchback, and you wind up with the world's most powerful compact car. These four cylinders are nothing to sneeze at. The Mercedes-AMG A 45 will be available to earn in the Mastare AMG A45 Championship starting February 11 (AEDT).

2016 Porsche 911 RSR:

The No.77 Porsche 911 RSR (2016) returns in a rerun of the Dempsey Limited-Timed Special event. Racers who missed out on earning the car during our most recent Le Mans update have the opportunity to add it to their garage starting February 15 (AEDT).

Exclusive Series Additions:

Fully upgrade the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S to unlock the new Exclusive Series, plus earn more Gold and Fame.

Looks can be deceiving this update! Take these small beasts to the track, and have some fun!

Firemonkeys (v5.0.5)


5.0.5 - Hot Hatch (January 24th, 2017)





  • Minor performance optimization to Endurance, Hunter, Speed Record and Autocross game modes
  • Added a Display setting that allows toggling between Extended or Mirrored iOS Airplay output
  • Visually updated several screens to make them stand out more
  • Implemented correct tail light behaviour for LMP1 vehicles according to WEC technical regulations (best seen with chase cam)
  • Fixed an issue where lap counts for Race Team goals on Bathurst were not calculated correctly
  • R3 Spec Bonus Series have greatly reduced service degradation and increased Fame and R$ rewards

iTunes (v5.0.5)

Updated: Jan 23, 2017

What's New in Version 5.0.5

Two Hot Hatches have hit the track in Real Racing 3! The world's most powerful compact car, the Mercedes-AMG A 45, and the versatile Renault Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R, have arrived with a Limited-Time Series. To top it off, you can:

Real Racing 3 Formula E Update (v5.0.0)

FM (v5.0.0)

[FM] [UPDATE] Version 5.0.0 - December 13, 2016


New Track

New Cars

New Game Mode

Special Events

Bonus Series

Exclusive Series


  • Improved electric engine audio
  • Fixed a bug with the NASCAR slipstreaming visual indicators incorrectly lighting up even when stationary
  • Allow selection between different manual controls in Special Event goals that force manual controls
  • Hidden the "Wrong Way" indicator in Special Event goals that require driving the track in the opposite direction
  • Fixed an issue where car headlights could sometimes be seen through the track
  • Resolved a bug where car tyres would sometimes disappear on banked tracks
  • Fixed several crash bugs when downloading assets

EA (v5.0.0)

EA news

The next evolution of Real Racing 3 is here. Formula E, the newest exciting motorsport debuts in this update with a brand-new track, and three teams from the FIA Formula E Championship!

Hong Kong Central Harbourfront Circuit:

This track first debuted at the Hong Kong ePrix in October 2016. Staged alongside the captivating Central Harbourfront of Hong Kong, this street circuit is situated among some of the city's iconic landmarks such as Victoria Harbour, The HK Observation Wheel, and the International Finance Center. The track is just under two kilometers long, featuring ten turns, including two tight hairpins, and a 555-meter straight. Streets circuits such as the Hong Kong Circuit present unique challenges to racers. Unlike purpose-built tracks, they feature uneven roads, differing grip levels, tight lines, and makeshift barriers, increasing the driving difficulty. One false move and your car doesn't go off-track; it goes into a wall.

Formula E Cars:

The Formula E car is an open-wheel racing car whose chassis is comprised of carbon fiber and aluminium. The distinct high-pitched hum emanating from these cars is thanks to the 28kWh lithium-ion battery-powered 200 kW engine sitting at the rear of the body. Combine those with the rest of the car components and you have a maximum weight of 800 kg (driver included). FIA stipulates that while the powertrain designers can differ from team to team, chassis and batteries must remain the same. Racers can earn up to three exclusive Formula E cars in-game throughout the update from marquees; ABT Schaeffler, NexEV TCR, and Renault e dams.

Formula E Gameplay

Since Formula E cars operate exclusively via electric power, a vital component of the motorsport is strategic battery management. As drivers accelerate, the onboard battery is drained of energy, and only while coasting/braking does the battery begin to regenerate lost energy. To be a truly competitive Formula E driver, racers will need to smartly adapt their racing style to ensure that they maintain enough charge to complete each event. If the battery runs out of charge, it's game over as soon as the car comes to a complete stop without crossing the finish line!

2016 Mercedes-AMG GT3

The inaugural GT3-variant of the Mercedes-AMG GT, complete with its guttural 6.2-liter V8 engine, is now earnable in-game. The relatively young Mercedes model enjoys the luxury of being only the second sports cars developed exclusively by Mercedes-AMG. Driving all its power through the rear wheels, the GT3 can still hold itself to the road with impressive prowess. This is accomplished in part via an almost absolute carbon-fiber construction, and one intimidatingly aerodynamic body kit. In short - it will stand toe-to-toe with any 911 or Italian tourer.

Chevrolet Corvette C7.R

The endurance racing powerhouse returns for an encore Limited-Timed Special Event. If you missed out on earning the Chevrolet Corvette C7.R in-game back in June, now is your opportunity to retake the challenge, and experience one of the most fearsome, and burly American supercars running the WEC circuits right now.

Take to the streets of Hong Kong, and get ready for the future of racing! Available now!

iTunes (v5.0.0)


What's New in Version 5.0.0. Dec 12th

The next evolution of Real Racing 3 is here with the addition of Formula E. Hit the streets of Hong Kong with an all new street circuit track, specifically designed for ePrix racing.

Real Racing 3 McLaren Overflow Update (v4.7)

Version 4.7.3: Released Nov 18th
  • Fixed issue with assists
[FM] [UPDATE] Version 4.7 - November 2, 2016


New Cars

Special Events

Bonus Series

Exclusive Series


  • RR3 Device ID now displays next to your RR3 Player ID in the Settings menu when signed into a Social Profile
  • Resolved an issue with touch input on iOS 10 devices
  • Resolved an issue where Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 & Nissan Silvia headlights would not turn on for some events
  • Added additional official liveries for the Ford Falcon FG X & Nissan Altima
  • Improved Corner Cutting detection in Online Multiplayer races
  • Improved Save Data System

What's New in Version 4.7.2

Three new McLarens are speeding into the Real Racing 3 garage - the MP4-X, 675LT, and the 570GT! Earn each one in a host of events this exciting update.

Thanks for playing and keep racing!

Real Racing 3 Bathurst Update (v4.6.2)


Game Update: Bathurst

September 22, 2016

Real Racing 3 travels to Bathurst, Australia! Jump in the driver’s seat of your favorite supercars and take part in what fans and followers have dubbed, “The Great Race”.

Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000

Nearing its 60th year, the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 is a thousand-kilometer dash over 161 laps around Mount Panorama Circuit. The track is well known for its vast vertical difference of 174 meters between its highest, and lowest point, and on non-racing days, Mount Panorama is open to the public to drive on. Race drivers travel 6.213 km per lap, and reach average speeds of 178 km/h. Although additional marques have since returned to the V8 Supercars, for nearly two decades this annual event focused exclusively on one of the country's most fierce and enduring rivalries - Holden vs Ford. To a large extent, it still is. Car enthusiasts growing up in Australia were thrust in the direction of either one manufacturer or the other, and the thought of defecting was blasphemy. Holden have claimed 30 victories over the years, while Ford have 20.

Competing teams' vehicles are regulated to the same technical specifications. They each house 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engines pulling 635+ bhp, all powered through the rear wheels. 0-100kph is marked at 3.6 seconds, and top speed is 298kph (185 mph). Minimum vehicle weight including driver is 1410 kg. The cars are also electronically monitored and managed to ensure equality among competitors.

Racers will be able to experience the thrill and “true-blue” spirit of the event in-game alongside real-world event. The toughest decision you as the racer have to make is who to stand by. Do you choose the 2016 Holden Commodore VF or the 2016 Ford Falcom FG X? Race well enough, and you'll be able to earn both cars in-game.

2016 Ferrari F12 TDF

For a car that accelerates to 200kph faster than most cars reach half that speed, the Ferrari F12 TDF improves upon its gargantuan predecessor in almost every capacity. 110 kg lighter, faster gearing, and new rear-wheel steering system make this one of the most belligerent cars on the road. The Ferrari F12 TDF is earnable in-game via the Tour Auto Speciale event.

2016 Nissan Altima

Nissan last held pole position in 1992, and since their return to Mount Panorama, the Japanese manufacturer looks starkly different from two decades ago. Today, the Nissan Altima stands toe-to-toe with the other marques, and is the reward for successfully completing Season 9 of The Gauntlet.

Real Racing Originals and Other Additions

As part of our journey to become the one-stop shop for all things motorsports, we're introducing a new series of exclusive in-game video content called Real Racing Originals. From getting an insider’s look at car manufacturers, to behind-the-scenes action at Firemonkeys, Real Racing Originals aim to expand on our offerings as a video game, and provide unique coverage of the thing we all love - cars that go really, really fast.

Missed out on the 2016 Koenigsegg Regera at the start of the year? We're giving racers the special opportunity to earn in-game the single-speed monster, and experience a truly unique driving experience within Real Racing. Players who already own the car will be awarded with a bounty of in-game gold. The 2014 Audi R8 V10 Spyder will also be earnable in-game, alongside an exclusive livery as part of the second Samsung limited-timed special event.

Live the Bathurst experience, and settle the debate!




  • Updated the finish line for Bathurst to match the real world finish line
  • Increased the Level cap
  • Fixed an issue where brake lights would incorrectly light up while pressing both the accelerator and brakes at the same time
  • Improved first time user flow for servicing

Real Racing 3 Jaguar Update (v4.5.1)



August 17, 2016 odgeGUAR]] is on the prowl this update as Real Racing 3 introduces three stunning cars to that span the history of the legendary British manufacturer, as well as the 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat, and the 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S.

The Evolution of Jaguar

For more than 80 years Jaguar has been known as a luxury vehicle manufacturer with legendary performance, and you can now experience what it's like behind the wheel of one. Compete in a three-part Legacy Quest to earn in-game the 1963 Jaguar E-Type lightweight, Jaguar XJ220, and Jaguar F-Type SVR.

2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

A new Hellcat Limited-Time Series also allows players to earn in-game the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Pulling 707 horsepower via a 6.2L HEMI V8 engine, the Hellcat is one of the most powerful muscle cars in history.

2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S

Season 8 of The Gauntlet is here. Compete in the latest installment for the ability to earn in-game 3.0L flat-six German stunner.

Experience the evolution of Jaguar this update now!

[UPDATE] Version 4.5 - August 09, 2016



  • Career series now unlock at earlier Driver Levels
  • A Fully Upgraded filter has been added to the Manufacturer Select screen in 'My Cars'
  • Turbo, Blow Off Valves and Supercharger SFX added to cars that have forced induction
  • Improved Transmission whine SFX for racecars

iTunes Notes
Updated: Aug 08, 2016
What's New in Version 4.5.1
Three amazing beasts prowl into the Real Racing 3 garage, the 1963 Lightweight E-Type, 1992 XJ220, and 2017 F-Type SVR, letting you experience the evolution of Jaguar. Earn these cars in an intense three-part special event. Plus:

  • Fully upgraded cars now get special bonuses – race twice as far before needing to service, customize for free, and run Time Trials without using Drive
  • Race your iconic, fully upgraded cars against tightly performance-matched opponents for big rewards with Five Exclusive Series added – the first of many
  • Take on the Carrera Gauntlet to win the 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S in the all-new Gauntlet Season 8, featuring millions of possible racing challenges
  • Complete a new limited-time series to win the growling 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat – the most powerful muscle car on the planet
  • Earn an exclusive livery Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3 in the Samsung Championship Limited-Time Series

Real Racing 3 Lotus Update (v4.4.1)

[EA] Game Update: Ferrari & Lotus
April[3] 29, 2016
Real Racing 3 invites you to take the wheel of four of the most exclusive cars in the world! With the Ferrari FXX K, Real Racing 3 brings one of the most rare and coveted cars on the planet to players. Lotus also makes its Real Racing 3 debut with three of the fastest cars on the track!

Ferrari FXX K:
A car so uncompromising and exclusive, its real-life owners must be approved to buy it, and can only drive it on special tracks. Prove your worth in the NO COMPROMISE special event for the opportunity to earn the captivating Ferrari FXX K in game!

Lotus Type 125
Lotus prides playing outside of the rule book, continually redefining the concept of winning and never resting on one's laurels. Travel with the Lotus Type 125 around the world, and tackle various unique challenges, all in the celebration of this car which provides all the thrills and excitement of a F1 car, with a more palatable learning curve.

Lotus 3-Eleven
Weighing in at just under 900 kg, and soaring from zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, the Lotus 3-Eleven is the true embodiment of less equals more. Defeat the high-stakes seventh season of The Gauntlet and take home the awesome Lotus 3-Eleven in Real Racing 3!

Lotus Exige 360 Cup
Race your way through the Lotus Exige 360 Cup Championship, the latest Limited-Time Series in Real Racing 3. Beat these exciting and challenging events to walk away with the Lotus Exige 360 Cup.

Four cars that push the boundaries of engineering, and have achieved greatness as a result. Can you earn them all?

[UPDATE] Version 4.4 - June 28, 2016
• New Cars
Ferrari FXX K
Lotus Exige 360 Cup
Lotus 3-Eleven
Lotus Type 125

• Special Events
No Compromise - Ferrari FXX K
Light Rider - Lotus Type 125
Gauntlet Season 7 - Lotus 3-Eleven
Lotus Exige 360 Cup Championship

• Bonus Series
Italian Prime - Ferrari FXX K
Exos Experience - Lotus Type 125
Open Sky Challenge II -Lotus 3-Eleven
6 Cyl Mastery - Lotus Exige 360 Cup

• Incorrect gear shifting for multiple cars now fixed
• A hard collision with barriers in a Time Trials will cause the player to be disqualified
• All Time Trial leaderboards have been reset so all players can be on a level playing field
• Audio simulation of transmission warble when shifting gears
• Fixed an issue with cars appearing to hover on banked circuits
• Improved car backfire audio
• Resolved an issue with Time Trial Tournaments causing rewards to be triggered at the wrong time

June 2016 iTunes Notes
What's New in Version 4.4.1

Real Racing 3 invites you to take the wheel of four of the most exclusive cars in the world! With the Ferrari FXX K, Real Racing 3 brings one of the most rare and coveted cars on the planet to players. And Lotus makes its Real Racing 3 debut with three of the fastest cars on the track.

- Strap yourself in and see if you have what it takes to drive these four new cars

- A car so uncompromising and exclusive, a driver must be approved to buy it and can only drive it on special tracks: Do not miss your chance to earn the Ferrari FXX K
- An all-new Limited-Time Series offers you the chance to win the sleek Lotus Exige S 360 Cup
- Do not play by the rulebook: Redefine it. When your rivals catch up, move the bar. Never stand still. Embrace the LOTUS philosophy and win the Lotus Type 125
- And The Gauntlet returns for a 7th season. Join the high-stakes race and take home the awesome Lotus 3-Eleven

Real Racing 3 Le Mans 2016 Update (v4.3.1)

Version 4.3.x - May 17, 2016



  • Resolved an issue with cars driving slower when using High Steering Assists
  • Reduced application size
  • Daily Rewards screen has been improved. It is now much clearer to recognize how many days you have missed.
  • Improved main menu navigation scroll bar - each page now has an associated icon
  • Lowered car idling audio on the main menu
  • Fixed rare cases of the brake input sometimes not working at the start of a race using manual accelerate input settings
  • General improvements to car audio

May 2016 iTunes Notes
What's New in Version 4.3.1

Real Racing 3 returns to Le Mans for a glorious third year! It’s a showdown 50 years in the making as Ford comes back to Le Mans to reclaim the crown and takes on Ferrari in the GTE Pro class!

  • Put yourself in the driver’s seat of five new cars!
  • Dempsey Proton Racing enters the Le Mans GTE Pro class for the first time – win the Porsche 911 RSR (2016) in this new Limited Time Series
  • Last year’s Le Mans champion returns – test your skills for the chance to win the Corvette C7.R in an all-new Limited Time Series!

Real Racing 3 Venom Update (v4.2)

Version 4.2 - April 05, 2016


  • Newly added or unlocked series are now flagged on the main menu and on the Series select screen
  • Improvements to save game system to prevent data loss
  • Corrected ambient sounds for Daytona International Speedway circuit layouts
  • Tapping "Back" on a Facebook login screen now brings you back to the proper menu level
  • Advertisement availability increased (availability may vary depending on region)

April 2016 iTunes Notes
What's New in Version 4.2.0

The Hennessey Venom GT comes to Real Racing 3! Strap in, take the wheel and hit a world record-shattering 0-to-186 miles per hour in less than 14 seconds! Can you handle the Venom?

Real Racing 3 Daytona 500 Update (v4.1.5)

Version 4.1.6 - Daytona 500 - February 16, 2016

  • Resolved an issue where selecting a Career Category would crash the game under some circumstances
  • Resolved an issue where Profile Restore messages displayed incorrect Cloud Save information
  • Resolved a rare issue where some players were unable to download additional patches
  • Resolved an issue that occurred when downloading all assets
  • Adjusted AI difficulty levels in select NASCAR Talent Tour events


Hey Racers,

The Team are aware of a crashing issue when attempting to access some Career Categories on the latest Daytona 500 Update, and are currently investigating the root cause of the issue.

UPDATE FEB 16 3:28 PM AEDT: This issue will be addressed via a patch which will be downloaded when the game is launched.

This patch may take some time to propagate to everyone automatically, however some players may be able to download this patch manually by pressing the "Download all Assets" button in the Settings menu. After downloading the fix, the game will close.

UPDATE FEB 17 4:38PM: We are aware that some players may have difficulty receiving the fix; the Team are working on a solution for this issue. Please note the above steps to manually download the patch will still work for other players.

Some racers may encounter a notification upon installing the new 4.1.5 update which will incorrectly state that they have a Cloud Save with significantly more progress.

In the meantime to keep your current progress, update the game without deleting the application, and after launching the game tap the "No Thanks" button to keep your local save.

UPDATE FEB 17 4:38PM: We are aware that this notification may continue to display during regular gameplay. While the Team continue to work on a solution, please ensure you continue to tap "No Thanks".

Other racers may notice some Weekly Time Trial Tournament events not registering their time on the Porsche Test Track.

UPDATE FEB 16 3:41PM AEDT: This issue is now resolved; your Time will now display on your WTTT Hub in-game.

Some racers may encounter difficult events in the NASCAR Talent Tour. These events will not prevent Racers from completing their Sponsorship Collection in this Series. The Team will be addressing this shortly.

We thank you for your continued patience.

This article will be updated when we have additional news to share.

Version 4.1.5 - Daytona 500 - February 16, 2016

Fixes & Improvements

February 15, 2016 iTunes Notes
February 15 2016 iTunes Notes

  • Experience the biggest motorsports event of the year. Race with the best and complete the DAYTONA 500 to earn four iconic NASCAR stock cars!
  • Race alongside legends like Joey Logano, Chase Elliott, Kevin Harvick, and Matt Kenseth, and drive your team to victory!
  • The famous Daytona International Speedway joins an array of 17 officially licensed tracks from around the world.
  • The Gauntlet is back, with more chances to win R$, Gold, and the limited edition Richard Petty throwback Ford Fusion.
  • Experience the prowess of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento in a brand new special event, The Sixth Element.
  • Full game integration for Apple TV, including Party Play mode, diverse control options and cross-device Cloud Saves!

Real Racing 3 Ford Update (v4.0.5)

January 28 2016 Patch Notes

RR3 Announcements: Version 4.0.5 - January 12 2016 Notes:


New Cars

Special Events


  • Resolved a rare issue with the Invite Friends popup
  • Corrected the "Hypercar Charge" Bonus Series trophy requirements

Posted: January 12, 2016

Brand new Ford cars join the Real Racing roster. It’s time to flex your Mustang muscles and leave your rivals in the dust!

Real Racing 3 Hypercars Update (v4.0)

December 18 2015 Patch Notes:

Hey Racers,

Reign Supreme is an upcoming Fixed Time Event, where you can win the 2016 Koenigsegg Regera.

Unlike previous Special Events, this event will automatically start for all players, and will run for 9 Days. Every 24 hours, a new stage will unlock for participation, even if you have not completed an earlier stage.

Key Dates:

Each stage will unlock at the same time for all Racers around the world. The times provided below are in GMT.

If you're unsure when the Event will commence in your region, please go to the in-game Event Hub, where the start and end dates will be localized.

Stage 1: Midnight (00:00 GMT) December 24, 2015

Stage 2: Midnight (00:00 GMT) December 25, 2015

Stage 3: Midnight (00:00 GMT) December 26, 2015

Stage 4: Midnight (00:00 GMT) December 27, 2015

Stage 5: Midnight (00:00 GMT) December 28, 2015

Stage 6: Midnight (00:00 GMT) December 29, 2015

Stage 7: Midnight (00:00 GMT) December 30, 2015

Stage 8: Midnight (00:00 GMT) December 31, 2015

Stage 9: Midnight (00:00 GMT) January 1, 2016

Event Closes: Midnight (00:00 GMT) January 2, 2016

Version 4.0 - December 1 2015 Notes:


New Cars

Special Events

New Feature

Race Team Improvements

  • New competition prize structure – more teams get rewards
  • Team Goals with Rewards
  • Team Search
  • Improved player invitation
  • Team Tag validation

Bonus Series


  • Refreshed user interface audio
  • Various new sound effects for impacts and gear shifting
  • You can now reduce car delivery, servicing and upgrade R&D time by watching ads (availability is dependent on location)
  • Android Marshmallow support
  • Fixed graphical issues on the SRT Viper GTS, McLaren P1
  • Resolved issue with smoke particles appearing in front of the vehicle
  • Resolved a crash for players who attempted to access certain NASCAR events before game assets were downloaded

Real Racing 3 - Hypercars Gameplay Trailer

Real Racing 3 McLaren Update (v3.7)

November 11 2015 Patch Notes

Corrected "High Tech Legends" Bonus Series to no longer require all Showcase Events to reach the final Tier of Events

October 27 2015 Patch Notes

Resolved an issue with Born for Victory's Stage 7 Goal 2 description Updated customization options for Mclaren F1 GTR & [[|McLaren P1™ GTR|Mclaren P1 GTR]]

October 20 2015 Patch Notes

Corrected rewards for events on Circuit des 24 Heures in "Mclaren Generations" Series to be in line with other equivalent events

Firemonkeys posted: October 19, 2015

"Get ready to push your racing to the limit with some of McLaren's most prestigious driving machines!"

Five new cars - Get to grips with 3 blisteringly fast McLarens and 2 powerful American muscle cars

The McLaren GTR is born again - Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the McLaren GTR victory at Le Mans by racing to win the McLaren P1 GTR

Elegance meets engineering - Experience the evolution of the Stingray and win a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Z51, Starting November 15"

Youtube video:


New Cars

Special Events

Career Series

Bonus Series


Players will now be notified of new updates in-game Fixed a rare issue where some restored Cloud Saves would crash the game on launch Cloud save now has its own screen in the settings slide-out bar Cloud save screen has been redesigned "Clear Local Save" button is now accessible in the Player Stats screen New & updated liveries for Nissan GT-R LM NISMO In-game pause screen will now provide event and track information Fixed several texture issues on the Hyundai i20 WRC, Ferrari 599 GTO, 458 Italia and Enzo Improved texture resolution on crowds in Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Added liveries #21 and #22 for Nissan GT-R LM Nismo (2015)

The Cloud Save and Restore to Device icons has changed appearance

The first career is now Amateur again (after NASCAR in the previous update)

The future of Real Racing

Firemonkeys posted: September 4, 2015

Where’s Real Racing 3 headed? Our senior producer Lu is here to tell you all about it.

Hey Racers!

I wanted to give you some exciting news about what’s coming down the line from the team at Firemonkeys for Real Racing.

Put simply, the goal for Real Racing is to become the one-stop-shop for all things Motorsports. We’re working to bring more genres of racing to the game, and bring fans of motorsports from all around the world together to enjoy an authentic racing experience, based around the biggest events in all the racing genres.

We started this last year with Le Mans, which became our first year-on-year event with the recent 2015 update. We’re going to continue doing things like that to bring these real world events from different genres to you every year.

On that note, I’m really excited that we’ve brought NASCAR to Real Racing. It’s perfect for us in the context of bringing not only real-life events to the game, but also continuing to expand to new genres of racing. This time we’ve recreated the Federated Auto Parts 400, which is just the beginning.

To make the best NASCAR experience as possible, we’ve not only added Richmond International Raceway to the game, we also brought you the top four race teams and fifteen of the real drivers. These are some of the biggest names in NASCAR; you’re racing alongside Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Danica Patrick, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and many more.

Like we did with Le Mans earlier this year, you can choose which of the four race teams you want to be a part of, and have a chance to win the hero car for that team. Also, replay the Federated Auto Parts 400 event to collect cars for all four of the featured NASCAR teams in the game.

This content is awesome, but to really bring out the characteristics of this racing genre from a gameplay perspective we had to tweak the game itself. For the first time ever, you’re racing against forty two other cars on the grid. We’ve never had so many, so it’s really exciting to play when you’re weaving your way through, which is part of the NASCAR experience.

To compliment this we also added some key gameplay features like drafting, giving you the ability to slingshot around other cars, and negotiating through some really tight packs to fight for your position. We adjusted some of the vehicle physics to get the feeling of the bumping and jostling like you see in NASCAR, which is a lot of fun. We’re keen to hear some feedback of what you think about the new physics and gameplay features, so let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

We know you’ll love this experience, and we’re very excited to add NASCAR to the growing portfolio of genres that we have for you in Real Racing.

Real Racing 3 NASCAR Update (v3.6)

Firemonkeys posted: September 1, 2015

Get behind the wheel of a NASCAR Sprint Cup car, and challenge more racers than ever before in a fast-paced game of cat and mouse!

Choose a team – Race alongside racing legends like Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart then drive your team to victory! Federated Auto Parts 400 – Race on the famous Richmond International Raceway. Become a Sprint Cup Champion – Master the art of drafting and slingshot passing before taking on a full grid of tactical high pressure rivals! Asterion’s Charge – Ahmed is also looking for a driver to settle a score between a rival party of Hypercars with the Asterion LPI 910-4! Find out more at the Dubai Autodrome. Features:

New Cars

Special Events


Bonus Series

New Track


  • 43 cars on track in NASCAR Events
  • Slip Streaming in NASCAR Sprint Cup Cars
  • Added morning time of day for Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Road Course
  • New Career and Bonus Series will have better opponent balancing
  • Further improved anti-cheat systems for Race Team Challenges
  • Physics improvements on oval tracks that allow cars to take banked corners faster
  • New Replay cameras in NASCAR oval racing events
  • Speed optimizations for situations with many cars on screen at once
  • If a WiFi signal is lost while downloading data, the user is prompted before downloading on a cellular connection
  • Improved collision particle effects
  • Fixed custom rim placement on the Shelby Cobra GT500
  • Resolved an issue with the Team Driver Apple Watch app not detecting PR requirements correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Hunter and Elimination events not counting overtakes or laps in certain Race Team challenges
  • Fixed several issues in Online Multiplayer - crashing, improper loading of opponents
  • Resolved a crash when viewing a friend's garage who owns vehicles that you have not yet downloaded to your device
  • Cloud Save menu now communicates "Best Save Uploaded" to reflect Cloud Save improvements
  • Fixed the final chicane before the finish straight on Catalunya GP so it slows down players who go off-track
  • Resolved several crashes when loading an event
  • New music track for Richmond International Raceway

Real Racing 3 Lions of Leipzig Update (v3.5)

Firemonkeys posted: July 21, 2015

Lap up Leipzig! Take on exciting challenges and experience the iconic Porsche test track, Leipzig, compiled from some of the most interesting sections of race tracks from around the world. Plus, get access to new Daily Rewards, giving you even more to come back for.

Porsche Leipzig Test Track – Featuring 3 distinct courses, this track will test even the most skilled drivers.

Lions of Leipzig – Become the track leader in the Lions of Leipzig special event and win the Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach package.

Speedrush TV Challenge 2 – The Speedrush TV Challenge is back! Win this high intensity special event for the glory and a Porsche Boxster GTS.

Daily Rewards – Play more to earn more and get access to a whole month of rewards with the new Daily Rewards system!

Version 3.5.2


New Cars

Special Events

Bonus Series

New Daily Rewards System

New Track

Android Party Play


  • Reduced length of Pure Stock Challenge and Street Spec Skirmish
  • All rewards from previous versions of each Series will be retained
  • All cars in Amateur and Pro/Am Career Series will be immediately purchasable when the Series is unlocked
  • Improved anti-cheating checks for Race Team challenges
  • Fixed a crash when entering a special event before collecting a Race Team reward
  • Fixed issue with some players not being able to join a Race Team
  • Fixed an issue when re-connecting game controllers on Android causing errors in the number of players detected
  • Resolved an issue when playing Time Trials offline possibly causing players to miss out on Series Completion Bonuses
  • Increased accuracy of progress in several Race Team challenges
  • Better detection of Bluetooth Controllers
  • Cleaned up dialogue in Career Special Events to properly indicate the rewards given
  • Vinyls applied on the windscreen of the Aston Martin Vantage GTE will now persist when changing paint colors
  • Fixed an issue with Online Multiplayer invite matches incorrectly showing race results
  • Added a missing error message when launching the Team Driver on Apple Watch before ever launching Real Racing 3 on device

Real Racing 3 Le Mans: Pursuit of Victory Update (v3.4)

Firemonkeys posted: June 2, 2015

Get ready, get set and get back to Le Mans – where it all began. To celebrate the first year-to-year event for Real Racing 3, you’ll enjoy 3 times the choice with 3 times the reward!

3 New Cars – 2015 Nissan GT-R LM, 2015 Porsche 919 Hybrid, 2015 Audi R18 e-tron quattro. Collect them all! Le Mans: Pursuit of Victory – Choose your destiny! Race any of the 3 new cars on one of the world’s most prestigious circuits over 10 days.

Retro Rivals – Get behind the wheel of the 1985 Lamborghini Countach and take on classic supercars such as the 1969 Dodge Challenger RT and 1966 Shelby AC Cobra 427.

Version 3.4


New Cars

Special Events

Bonus Series


  • Reduced save file size
  • New private Race Team members will now show up in the member list immediately
  • More variety in the events provided when entering an event from the Race Team menu
  • Rebalanced rewards given per track
  • Improved server time syncing for Time Trial Tournaments
  • Using a controller now shows correct call to action text
  • Crew costs are now based on the series group level
  • Fix for missing HUD elements in the Speedrush TV Challenge
  • Fixed a crash in the Road To Le Mans career challenge
  • Toggling TSM Names in Display Settings will no longer also erroneously set TSM Avatars and Race Information status
  • Fixed font and alignment errors in several tutorial messages
  • Patched a memory leak when loading avatars in the leaderboard
  • Alignment fixes for message popups in different resolutions
  • UI spacing fixes in Race Team chat
  • Fixed an issue where a player can buy the same car twice in rare instances
  • The servicing skip confirmation popup now always shows the correct skip cost
  • Friends Leaderboard now correctly shows the Friends bonuses collected from your TSM friends
  • Better scaling of Tier markers in the Series screen
  • Fixed a crash on Nexus 6 devices
  • Fixed a crash caused by extremely slow internet connectivity
  • Fixed an issue with disabled events after using Team Driver on the Apple Watch

Improved performance on some Android devices (Kindle Fire HD 7, HTC Desire 200, Samsung GT-P5200)

Real Racing 3 Race Teams Update (v3.3)

Firemonkeys posted: April 21, 2015 More tracks, more cars, more friends in the Race Teams Update!

Willkommen am Nürburgring – Get ready for the world-famous German track.

Race Teams - Compete, chat and dominate the leaderboard to earn huge rewards!

Vive Renault! – With Clio Cup, DeZir Concept and the sensational R.S. 01 race car.

Project Impulse – Reconstruct the Renault DeZir into a dream electric supercar.

Version 3.3.x


New Manufacturer:

New Circuit:

4 circuits Night lighting

Special Events

Porsche Time Trial competition

Race Teams

Team Driver for Apple Watch


Redline Origins and MotorFiesta One have been incorporated into the Career menu

Improved stability on all devices

Fixed bumper sensors on Ferrari 458 variants and Bentley vehicles

Fixed the CAREER button not functioning (after completing a challenge race)

Fixed the Aston Martin logo not showing in the Profile screen

Fix for a case where players would not receive rewards due to not progressing past a rewards-giving screen

Fixed an issue which would cause players to have to replay challenges when they reached them in the career

Fixed Real-Time Multiplayer crash when a player accepts an invite after the race has already started

Improved performance and stability on Samsung Note Edge by reducing visual fidelity

Improved performance and stability on 5th Generation iPods

Fix for Crew not working correctly in the tutorial if you buy both the Nissan Silvia and the Ford Focus at the same time

Fixed cases where the car’s performance was incorrectly displayed during challenges

Fix for cases where players were charged when activating a free Crew member

In-game music no longer plays if the player already has music playing at launch for Android devices

Fixed missing disable state on the Real-Time Multiplayer "Send Invites" button when running on low resolution devices

Fix for occasional crash which occurred when quitting a race

Fix for car shaking during race over screen

Fixed Redline Origins Stage 5 Goal 4 not finishing correctly when you cross the line backwards

Fixed crash when hiring a crew member before a Real-Time Multiplayer race

Fixed crash when returning to the Goal description screen from the Car Select menu during a challenge

Fix for cases where the Marquis World Championship prize displayed incorrectly if the player already owned the car prior to starting the

Special Event

Fix for corrupted graphics after a pack purchase

Real Racing 3 Aston Martin Racing Update (v3.2)

Firemonkeys posted: March 10, 2015

Hit the track in style in our latest update with Aston Martin Racing.

Aston Martin Race cars – Introducing the Aston Martin Vantage N430, GT3 and GTE. Road cars rebuilt and re-engineered for only one thing: to rule the track. Endurance Gauntlet – Lacking race stamina? Get into endurance racing-ready shape and win an Aston Martin Vantage N430. The 500 – Win the phenomenal Aston Martin Vantage GTE in an endurance-focused special event!”

Version 3.2


Three new |Aston Martin race cars:

Two new Special Events:


Marquis World Championship is now available in the Expert Group of the Career Menu

Post-Race loading screens now display upcoming in-game unlocks

Numerous improvements and fixes for game controller support for Photo Mode and Car Customization

Popup at OMP and Time Trial Tournament end/start will no longer display after being cancelled 3 times, until you participate in the Tournaments again

Android notifications now stack

Fixed the Main Menu not receiving touch input after restoring purchases

Fixed tail light glow on Bugatti Veyron

Fixed crash at the end of an OMP race due to crew reward logic

Fixed the animation during custom wheel change on the Carrera GT

Improvements to the offerwall

Display blue background when using external screen (e.g., Airplay mode)

Updated Monza – lowered the black and yellow speedbumps to help reduce the cars bouncing

Improved currency cheat protection

Fixed an issue where you could change positions several times in a short period of time and break an overtaking Goal

Fix for banners in the challenge rollover period

Fix for Facebook sharing at the end of a challenge

Fix for cases where cutscene grid positions didn’t match the race positions during a challenge

Fixed WTTT event card art for Monza and Le Mans tracks

Repeatedly tapping the back button on the profile download success popup will no longer cause issues in the main menu

Social media shares from post-race now include the challenge name if relevant

Improved Android controller detection - L1, L2, R1 and R2 will now be accounted for in the control scheme

Fix for all cars in the game being slower than in Update 2.5 – gear-shifting behaviour revised

Improved car stat alterations for challenge Goals

Fix for a case where the game crashed when removing and inserting a HDMI cable

Updated text in the 3G download dialog confirmation box

Fix for a crash that occurs when tapping on a career challenge if another career challenge is already in progress

Fixed a case of incorrect orientation of cars in cutscenes

Fix for tire shadows of player 2 in Party Play not displaying correctly

Fix for assist toggles being incorrectly disabled during certain Goals

Fixed crash when retrying an event multiple times

Real Racing 3 Two Year Anniversary

Firemonkeys posted: February 27, 2015

Real Racing 3 is crossing the finish line for its second anniversary and is giving all of our racers a free in-game Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and livery!

Since launching two years ago, racers have been in the driver’s seat more than we could’ve imagined. We’re thrilled you’ve enjoyed the game as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it. We look forward to continually bringing you exciting new updates and letting you virtually drive the fastest cars in the world. Check out these stats:

  • Over 130 million worldwide installs
  • 13 million + races per day
  • Over 40 million laps completed daily
  • More than 700,000 cars collected daily

Real Racing 3 Spada Codatronca Update (v3.1)

Firemonkeys posted: January 27, 2015

Take risks and make a difference in the Spada Codatronca update!

Spadaconcept – An ambitious new manufacturer joins us with the Codatronca TS and Codatronca Barchetta

Exclusive Worldwide Reveal – A prestigious manufacturer is about to announce a new vehicle… Be the first to take the wheel! Over 100 New Events – Spada Series and new Bonus Series

2 years of Real Racing – Get ready to celebrate the anniversary with special gifts

Version 3.1



Added night versions of all Hockenheim circuits

Added support to continue time-limited Special Events when updating to a new version of the game. Once the time limit expires, the Special Event will move to its permanent spot in the Career.

Fix for a case where players would not receive their Gold if leveling up during a Fame bonus period

Fix for Career Goals playing the new goal sound when returning from a race

[OMP] Added a countdown timer at start of a race to show the maximum amount of time before the race starts (race will start sooner if all players are ready)

[OMP] Google+ and Sina Weibo avatars now work in OMP

[OMP] Fixed corner cutting penalty incorrectly triggering when going on the outside of a curve

Fixed La Ferrari for better vinyl application

Fix for jittering cars in the post-race screens

Fixed the main menu scroller items not centering correctly

Fix for Party Play button overlapping the Drive bar on iPads

Fix for reward sound playing in loading screens

Fix for the "Vinyl Lovers" achievement in non-North American versions of the game

Fix for cases where cars would remain tilted after a collision with the wall during a replay

Fix for a case where the HUD would stay disabled after a Goal event that disabled the HUD

Fixed engine sounds becoming inaudible on some tracks due to 3D positions being incorrect

Real Racing 3 Scuderia Ferrari Update (v3.0)

Firemonkeys posted: December 12, 2014

Master three generations of Ferrari vehicles and become a true racing legend!

Join Scuderia Ferrari – Follow Ferrari from its origins to today’s engineering marvels with the 1950 375 F1, 1995 412 T2 and 2014 F14-T.

Three generations, three challenges – Complete three exciting special events for a chance to own each of these iconic cars.

Monza racetrack – One of the first purpose-built racetracks in the world, this palace of speed is a perfect showcase for the Italian motor industry.

3 New Ferrari Series – Over 140 new events in total.

Version 3.0


Join Scuderia Ferrari – Follow Ferrari from its origins to today's engineering marvels with the 1950 375 F1, 1995 412 T2 and 2014 F14-T. Three generations, three challenges – Complete three exciting special events for a chance to own each of these iconic cars.

Monza racetrack – One of the first purpose-built racetracks in the world, this palace of speed is a perfect showcase for the Italian motor industry.

3 New Ferrari Series – Over 140 new events in total.

Gamepad Compatibility:

Fix for MOGA controller crashing when connecting to Android devices using Lollipop

Fix for pressing back on Android controllers – this will no longer count as pressing back twice

Controller should no longer be pushed off screen

Controller Highlight will not render twice during popups

The Logitech iPhone 5 gamepad can now support vertical scrolling through its shoulder bumpers

Fix for crash on iOS when starting with a controller connected


New Ferrari race suits and helmets for drivers of Scuderia Ferrari vehicles

Fixed missing animated wings on low detail vehicle models

Limited edition cars are unlocked for purchase by default, regardless of the player’s progress through the career – subject to timed limited edition availability. Purchasing a limited edition car also automatically unlocks all Bonus Series they feature in

Fix for stick shift cars accelerating slowly

Fixed rotor blur on McLaren P1

Removed door open icon from Maserati interior dash

Significantly improved start-up time on various Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Improved framerate on Xperia C and various other low-end Android devices

[OMP] Fixed crash when accepting an OMP invite and match creation fails

[OMP] Players who are invited to a match aren’t accounted for when calculating ratings changes

[OMP] Improved the accuracy of the corner-cutting penalty

On Android, hitting exit when attempting to download without Wi-Fi will now place the app in the background rather than killing it

Disabled the stick shift gear change sound for cars that don't use stick shift transmission

Fix for graphical corruption while downloading cars in time trial tournament

Fix for incorrect background when attempting to purchase a car

Fix for car upgrades being locked after a quest on some occasions

Fix for graphical corruption when cancelling downloading cars

Fix crash if player enters an event with only one car that hasn't been downloaded yet

Event select screen now uses full-screen background blur to improve framerate

Fix for the download popup incorrectly reporting download completed when a download is in progress

Fixed sounds starting to play while a replay is paused after multitasking back to the app

Applied low memory Le Mans solution to multiple devices that were reported as crashing on this track by users

Disabled Facebook login button while login is in already underway to avoid issues

Fix for the incorrect region being listed on Le Mans track intro screen

Fixed crash with repeatedly tapping/cancelling the Results screen SHARE button

Fix for multiple car deliveries causing the game to lock up

Real Racing 3 Italian Racing Update (v2.7)

Firemonkeys posted: November 5, 2014

Celebrate timeless Italian racing with exclusive Maserati vehicles and Ferrari’s most ambitious project yet, the LAFERRARI.

Maserati – The Trident marque commemorates a century of passion, joining Real Racing with the GranTurismo MC Stradale and its limited edition race-spec version.

LaFerrari – Discover Ferrari’s first ever production car equipped with the F1-derived hybrid.

Marquis World Championship – Join the race team of a wealthy car aficionado and win a limited edition Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale R3!

• New Bonus Series – Over 100 new events feature in Hybrid Hypercar Clash, Luxury Tourer Tournament and the exclusive Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale R3 World Tour.

Version 2.7


Marquis World Championship challenge

New manufacturer:

3 new Bonus Series:

Game now runs at full native resolution on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Online Multiplayer:

Added collision damping to reduce the effects of erratic car motion and unintended collisions resulting from latency

Improved opponent car interpolation – now accounts for latency better, so opponent movement should be smoother

Improved matchmaking algorithm to increase likelihood of players getting into an 8-player race

Improved communication regarding the result of retiring – player is now warned that their Rating might suffer

Fixed incorrect opponent position on HUD

Fixed opponent HUD markers not displaying in some cases

Fixed crash when receiving invite during loading screen

Fixed crash when receiving invite when the Crew menu is open (in-race)

Fixed crash when purchasing a car when an invite is cancelled

Fixed invite flow issues if the device is downloading assets

Prevented the servicing warning from showing if you've already exited the match

Fixed invite correctly closing the Manufacturer screen

Fixed music when accepting an OMP invite during a race

Fixed crash when receiving invites in the loading screen multiple times


Added support for iOS8 Today view – displays recent RR3-related info, provides links into the game

Improved dynamic TSM skill-matching algorithm to favor more consistently challenging and enjoyable opponents

Added support for navigating the menus using a game controller

Moved in-race buttons (pause, reverse camera, camera mode switch) further from the edge of the screen to improve usability

Added Goal progress HUD element – displays incremental progress being made while attempting specific Goals

Improved reliability of ads being suppressed once player has made an in-app purchase

Added a prompt to address the fact that players who are logged in to social networks sometimes inadvertently get logged out by external apps/processes – the player is now prompted to log back in

Rolex branding added to Le Mans La Sarthe

Fixed an issue with Silverstone where players could cut a corner without penalty (OMP, TT)

Fix for cases where buying a car that can be used in the current challenge stage would result in the player no longer having access to the loaned car they had been using previously

Added velocity to in-race Photo Mode camera so it behaves the same way as regular Photo Mode

Main menu performance optimisation

Menu sound will no longer go weird when doing asset downloads

Fixes for various menus to make them scale better to different devices and different display resolutions

Fixed VIP purchase blockages, fixed a cause of VIP errors, added functionality to help process old VIP purchases prior to attempting a new one

Hide the quit replay button after you quit a replay so that it can’t be pressed repeatedly

Delivery time display now uses banker's rounding (to the nearest even number) Use banker’s rounding on delivery time display

Fix for Hunter race mode win when coming second. Hunter mode was not notifying observers of the correct position

Don't Prevention of the blur buffer rendering on the results screen when an external display is connected

Added sky gradient to the results screen when an external display is connected

Fixed rearview and camera buttons showing on the results screen of drag race when an external display is connected

Fixed crash when returning from photo mode when a controller was connected

Fixed issues with UI scrolling when a controller was connected

Fix for video playback on iOS8

Career Series submenus now have blurred backgrounds, like the menu level above

Tweaked upgrade name from “Advanced Dampening" to "Advanced Damping”

Fix for the app hanging when viewing upgrades via deep link after purchasing a car

Improved textures on the 911 Turbo

Fixed McLaren F1 customisation visual glitches

Fixed a crash when logging into Google Plus on iOS8

"Download all assets" button in the settings has been given a disabled state to show when the option exists, but is currently unavailable because a download is already in progress.

Added OMP Career Goal for Android now that we have cross-platform multiplayer

Fixed an issue where Tier-based Goals were instantly completing when the player won a single event – this resulted from replaying a quest wherein the player had already completed that tier-based Goal before

Fixed very heavily damaged bumpers not emitting audio

Fixed overlapping HUD lap label in 10+ lap races

Fix for the player not receiving their Gold if they closed the app during the Driver Level increase sequence

Fix for cases where the player had access to time-limited challenges in the career when they shouldn’t

Fix for crash on Samsung GT-i9100 with fw 4.0.3

Fix for background image blur in menus not working correctly in some cases

Fix for acceleration/braking becoming stuck when changing control method after a game controller disconnect

Real Racing 3 Classic Lamborghini Update (v2.6)

Firemonkeys posted: September 25, 2014

Real Racing welcomes the legendary Countach and limited edition Miura – race in style through the new Classic Lamborghini Update!

• Classic Lamborghinis: The Miura and Countach were the most distinctive cars of their time, redefining the concept of sport cars.

• Next Level Multiplayer: Compete in intense 8-player, cross-platform, real-time racing with drafting.

Clash of the Classics: This new Series sees three iconic manufacturers battle to claim their place in supercar history.

• Enhanced Race Replays: Follow the action in true TV style, including aerial and wheel cameras.

• Racing School: Hone your skills in our brand new Racing School and win a FREE [[BMW Z4 SDRIVE35IS|BMW Z4 sDrive35is]!

• Redesigned main menu: clearly displays your career progress and streamlines navigation.

Version 2.6


Classic LAMBORGHINIs: The Miura and Countach were the most distinctive cars of their time, redefining the concept of sport cars.

Next Level Multiplayer: Compete in intense 8-player, cross-platform, real-time racing with drafting.

Clash of the Classics: This new Bonus Series, found in the "Legend" Category of Career, sees three iconic manufacturers battle to claim their place in supercar history.

Enhanced Race Replays: Follow the action in true TV style, including aerial and wheel cameras.

Racing School: Hone your skills in our brand new Racing School and win a FREE BMW Z4 sDrive35is!

Redesigned main menu: clearly displays your career progress and streamlines navigation.

Additions, Fixes & Improvements:

Keed07 has been added to the AI TSM roster. Thank you for your time with us.

Previous challenges (Road To Le Mans, Speedrush TV Challenge) are now integrated into the career.

Upgrades applied to the Audi R8 V10 Spyder during the Speedrush TV Challenge that were lost after completion of the challenge in RR3 V2.5 are now restored.

[OMP] Anti-griefing disqualifications added - idling, driving off-track for too long and driving the wrong way around the track will now result in disqualification.

[OMP] Post-race matchmaking added – empty slots will be filled with new players after each race to try and ensure a full grid for every race.

[OMP] Players on the same IP (i.e., using the same Wifi access point) will be enter matchmaking together.

[OMP] Matchmaking status dialog now features info about current match status and number of players looking for a match.

[OMP] More tracks and track variants added into rotation.

[OMP] Players are now matchmade based on closest server to maximize connection quality and reduce latency between players.

[OMP] Removed erroneous "You have been disconnected" popup when player opts to Exit OMP mode post-race.

[OMP] Pre-race player avatars now display the state of the relevant player (disconnected, waiting, ready, etc.)

Improved wording of Speedrush TV Challenge goal text to clarify what is required of the player when “lapping” an opponent.

Numerous stability improvements and crash fixes.

Fixed tapping select button for a car that’s being delivered sending the player to an incorrect Career Series.

Fixed animated spoilers not rising at the start of Time Trial events.

Fixed the incorrect dot counter for new Vinyl customizations.

Fixed spoilers for Player 2's car not being animated in Party Play.

Fixed a case in quest Goals where beating an opponent by x distance wasn't being correctly evaluated.

Prevent ride height changes applying if the customization is locked or if you don't own the customization.

The rear camera controller button will no longer be enabled in replays.

The game will pause when all controllers disconnect.

Fix digital displays in cockpit views not updating during Time Trial rolling starts.

Fix Servicing sometimes getting stuck on an ex-loan car from quests/challenges.

Fix to ensure players receive the car they won from quests/challenges in its correct upgraded state.

Fix for problems where a VIP purchase is delayed and attempts to apply when a car is not currently loaned to the player.

Change the rounding on the time remaining UI element on the quests page to better reflect true time remaining.

Fixed framerate issues on Career Goals screen on Retina devices.

Career Goals now check whether TTT is unlocked before displaying the TTT goal.

TTT-related Career Goals no longer get offered if there are no cars unlocked or owned in any of the events/tiers.

OMP-related Career Goals are no longer offered if the player doesn't have accessible cars for that goal.

Fix for a case where tapping the Buy call-out very quickly after selecting a customization item could result in the player purchasing the previously selected customization instead of the currently selected one.

Improved usability of the Featured items screen in the Store – eliminated a source of incorrect input.

Fix for Time Trial player beaten push notes taking the player to an empty Ghost Challenge dialog.

Fix for a case where a download error appears while loading the intro tutorial race, which would result in the menu failing to load.

Real Racing 3 Career Update (v2.5)

Firemonkeys posted: August 13, 2014

Speedrush TV is calling all precision drivers! Land a job driving dangerously for a TV commercial, and earn the Audi R8 V10 Spyder if you finish the challenge in time.

• New Spyders – The Audi R8 V10 Spyder and Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse redefine performance roadsters.

Speedrush TV Challenge – Following in the wake of The Road to Le Mans, Speedrush TV brings a completely new event to the world of racing.

• Career Goals – Call on racing agent Natalia for guidance on how to take your racing career to the next level.

New Vinyls – Highly requested Flag and Sponsor vinyls arrive, allowing you to display your national pride or create the ultimate racing livery.

Version 2.5


Career Goals

National flags and sponsor vinyls

Controller support (Android only)


Added animated spoilers for Audi R8 V10 Spyder and Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

Added a "View New Cars" button to the final page of the What’s New flow

TSM opponents selected for participation in an event will encompass a wider range of skills, to make the competition more varied and interesting

Fix for lent cars not being able to get VIP status

Awarding a car through a quest which has been loaned previously will now keep all upgrades, customizations and VIP

Numerous Party Play UI refinements and bug fixes

Additional 2014 911 RSR liveries now available

Impose a limit on the suspension travel so that the wheels don't pop to odd positions when a wheel lifts clear off the ground

Driver is now visible on open wheelers for ghost cars

Fix for tapping the dictation button then exiting – previously caused a crash

Fixed bug where Daily Race Bonus overlaps the Clean Race Bonus in the results flow

Fixed the TSM Friends To Beat loading spinner on event cards

Fix for logging in to a social network through the Time Trial leaderboard – player now correctly receives 5 Gold

Hunter mode countdown timer is now displayed during fadeout

Fixed an issue with replays when restarting a race in Hunter mode

Fix for a case where a popup was incorrectly displayed when tapping the VS button from the Friends Leaderboards

Pressing the back key now properly resumes on Android

Fix for case where, on a fresh install, after selecting Yes to download a previous save, the user can’t cancel the downloading

Instances where the Android back button would exit the application will now push the application in the background

Tweaked the race retire confirmation text to more clearly indicate what will be lost if you do retire

Fixed freezes during gameplay when you have lots of friends

Fixed the "auto-show" Friends Leaderboard on the main menu to not show if empty (and/or before the sync has completed

Fixed the HUD objective marker to rotate correctly with the horizon tilt

Sun lens flare is now blocked by trees on the Le Mans track

Reduce the amount of clipping that occurs when an LMP1 car turns across the path of another LMP1

Fixed race camera bouncing after using Photo Mode

Fixed incorrect Gold Trophy count in the compare stats screen

Added a loading spinner to indicate that a full-screen ad is being loaded, and to avoid possible perception that the game has hung

Fix for wheels intersecting with car body in rare cases

Fix for customized rims of TSM opponents appearing white

Fix for dramatic car sliding when off-road at low speeds

Game will no longer crash on start-up for Xperia T LT30p fw4.0.4

Real Racing 3 Classic Ferrari Update (v2.4)

Firemonkeys posted:July 11, 2014 The ultimate showdown of Classic Ferrari Supercars comes to Real Racing 3! Plus: earn more Gold for levelling up!

• [[FERRARI F40|Ferrari F40] – Created to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary and the last car personally approved by Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari F50 – The 1995 vehicle distilled all of Ferrari’s motorsport technology and knowhow into a magnificent road-going supercar.

Classic Ferrari Showdown Series – Can the lightweight and agile F40 reign supreme or will the F50’s technology overpower its older sibling?

• More Gold – Gold payouts for levelling up have been increased. Take it to the next level for even greater rewards!

Grip Fiends Series – A new Bonus Series featuring cars with one defining trait: phenomenal grip.

Real Racing 3 Le Mans Update (v2.3)

Firemonkeys posted: May 28, 2014

Take on the night with the ultimate endurance racing cars, the Le Mans Prototypes, on the classic Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans! Travel with The Crew and pursue an epic campaign of challenges, taking you on a journey to become champion of Le Mans.

After earning your own FREE Porsche 919 Hybrid at Le Mans, race in the Time Trial competition to win a trip to a Porsche Sport Driving School!

Next Generation Le Mans Prototypes – Porsche’s 919 Hybrid, Audi’s R18 e-tron quattro, Toyota’s TS040 Hybrid.

An Epic Le Mans Campaign – Pursue victory in this unique series of challenges and goals.

Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans – Race on the world’s foremost endurance racing circuit, watching the sun go down and the night set in.

Porsche Time Trial Competition – Race your Porsche 919 Hybrid to win a trip to a Porsche Sport Driving School!

Real-Time Multiplayer Improvements – Penalties for cutting corners, better results calculations, improved latency handling, and more!

Version 2.3 Notes


An Epic Le Mans Campaign – Pursue victory in this unique series of challenges and goals.

Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans – Includes 4 times of day (day, night, dusk and dawn)

Party Play (iOS only) – Connect Bluetooth controllers and race with up to 4 friends in local split-screen multiplayer, perfect for the big screen!

Porsche Time Trial Competition – Race your Porsche 919 Hybrid to win a trip to a Porsche Sport Driving School!

Real-Time Multiplayer Improvements – Penalties for cutting corners, better results calculations, improved latency handling, and more! See below for details.

Real-Time Multiplayer

Added corner-cutting penalty – offending racers' speed is reduced for 5 seconds.

Improved handling of server-side results calculation.

Added damage dampening for RTM races to reduce negative effects of unpredictable player movement due to latency.

Players with bad connections will be ghosted and remain ghosted for the remainder of the current race.

Players with bad connections will have their avatar changed to a "bad connection" icon.

Fixed minor results issue when players retire before the race start.

Fixed an issue causing more than 4 players to be able to join an RTM match.

Fixed garbled RTM rewards screen due to having a bad connection.

Fixed a crash when loading the RTM race intro cutscene.

Added smoothing to matches to assist with adverse player behavior resulting from latency.

Fixed an issue where a level-up pop-up may block players and their opponents from participating in the next RTM match if not dismissed - this pop-up is now dismissed automatically.

Cloud Saves

Added a check to notify players if previous save data with more progress is available from the Cloud.

Improved Cloud Save message functionality and appearance.

General Game Improvements

Processing of VIP Service purchases for cars has been improved.

Race tutorial has been revised.

Cars in the opening cut-scene will look better on lower-end Android devices.

Extended a barrier on Catalunya National to stop players from being able to cut the corner - effective in ALL race modes.

Ghost challenges no longer send a mail to friends if the opponent's time was not actually beaten.


Newly added or unlocked customization items are highlighted using badges.

Additional art fixes when customizing cars.

Fixed the Ride Height adjustment for the Shelby '66 Cobra 427.

Scroll position of customization screens at group level are now persistent.

Fixed cases where wheels were not correctly displaying updated livery details or textures.

Time Trials

Updated the "missing ghost" message in Time Trials to reflect that the missing ghost may be due to a bad network connection.

Fixed a connection error bug with Time Trial Tournaments.

Added a timeout to the Time Trial Tournament sync screen, in the case of a bad connection.

When a lap is invalidated due to going off-track, the lap timer will now remain red for the remainder of the lap.

Replays & Photo Mode

Fixed an issue causing the camera to be tilted when cycling through views in replay mode.

Camera will no longer switch from "chase" view to "hood cam" when resuming a replay from Photo Mode.

Photo Mode camera now works under bridges.

General Interface

Returning to the "My Cars" menu after upgrading a car now refreshes the car stats display.

Added smooth touch scrolling on the "Car Select" menu.

Fixed "Hunter" mode results screens to show correct opponent cars (where previously it appeared that all opponents were using Nissan Silvias).

Cars driving in and out of the "My Cars" menu are now much faster.

Achievement names will no longer overlap Gold rewards in achievement toasters.

Fixed the Caterham bumper cam which was previously having issues with collision.

Friends' Gold Trophy Leaderboard now correctly shows only Gold trophies, not including placement trophies.

If a Crew Member is active but the player does not win the event, a toaster will appear informing the player about failing to earn the bonus.

Increased displayed accuracy of car acceleration times from 2 to 3 decimal places.

Added a "poor performance" pop-up to advise players how to improve game performance.

Real Racing 3 and Porsche Team Up for 2014!

Firemonkeys posted: May 2, 2014

The Real Racing 3 team is very proud to announce that it will be partnering with Porsche Motorsport throughout 2014, as Porsche pursues victory in the FIA World Endurance Championship and TUDOR United SportsCar Championship. Porsche Livery featuring Real Racing 3. Real Racing 3 and PORSCHE Motorsports have had a very strong partnership to date, as we worked together to celebrate 50 Years of the Porsche 911. Throughout the collaborative project, Porsche gave the development team unfettered access to the vehicles, works drivers, historical archives, and even on the ground with Porsche at 24 Hours Nürburgring.

Porsche Works Drivers Marc Lieb and Romain Dumas Play Real Racing 3

Porsche Motorsport works drivers Marc Lieb and Romain Dumas getting hands on with Real Racing 3.

As we entered 2014, we felt it was time to take our partnership to the next level, and support Porsche Motorsport on the track. The Real Racing 3 logo will be featured as part of the Team Porsche Manthey’s and Team North America’s 911 RSR livery designs and will be on show throughout the year in a variety of events. Check out the full calendar of events below, and we’ll see you trackside on May 3rd to support Porsche Motorsports at the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps.

R3 Porsche Model

Porsche’s gift to the Real Racing 3 team.

Schedule of Events


  • 6 Heures de Spa-Francorchamps, 3 May
  • 24 Heures du Mans, 14-15 June
  • 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas, 20 September
  • 6 Hours of Fuji, 12 October
  • 6 Hours of Shanghai, 2 November
  • 6 Hours of Bahrain, 15 November
  • 6 Hours of São Paulo, 30 November


  • Monterey/Laguna Seca, 4 May
  • 6 Hours of Watkins Glen, 29 June
  • Mosport, 13 July
  • Indianapolis, 25 July
  • Elkhart Lake, 10 August
  • Virginia, 24 August
  • Austin, 20 September
  • Petit Le Mans, 4 October

Real Racing 3 Open Wheelers Update (v2.2)

Firemonkeys posted: April 23, 2014

Real Racing 3 pushes itself to the limit with brand new Open Wheeler vehicles. Strap in, take control, and experience a whole new dynamic of the Real Racing experience. With Le Mans on the horizon, prepare yourself to take on the ultimate endurance race.

• Open Wheelers – Leap into the Caterham Seven 620R, KTM X-Bow R, Ariel Atom 3.5, and Ariel Atom V8.

• Roster Expanded – Porsche 911 RSR (2014) and Hyundai Veloster Turbo join the roster.

• The Road to Le Mans – Get ready for the world’s foremost endurance racing spectacle with this special live event. Unlock limited edition customizations and the official Porsche 911 RSR (2014) livery.

Hyundai Veloster Turbo Time Trial Competition – Win a trip to Italy, plus brand new community goals to unlock customization options.

Customization & Photo Mode Expanded – New Curves vinyl pack and new photo filters.

• Car Collections – Visit your friends and rivals and check out their cars and customizations. Version 2.2


Improved upgrade notifications to only notify when the first upgrade is complete, or when all pending upgrades are complete.

Fixed Daily Race Bonus occasionally not paying out the correct amount of R$.

Fixed occasional issue where the Manager was not doubling R$ rewards.

All Endurance mode distance markers should now be visible from the cockpit of all vehicles.


Improved accuracy of Split Times displayed when viewing Ghost Data replays.

Hunter replays will now start from when the player begins driving.


Improved Ride Height interface usability.

Players can now spend Gold to instantly unlock a customisation item, instead of having to meet the unlock requirements.

Vinyl Widget will no longer lag behind slightly when changing what Vinyl is currently selected on a car.

Resolved a number of visual errors when customizing some cars.

Car windscreen banners will now correctly crossfade when respraying.

Photo Mode

Photos can no longer be accidentally altered after the flash has gone off.

Photo Mode will now state when a photo has been saved to the device’s photo album.

Resolved a crash when receiving a Real-Time Multiplayer invite in Photo Mode.

Real-Time Multiplayer

Resolved crash during match connection

General Interface

The Report button now reads ‘Report Livery’

After using the Report Livery button, the full list of players will now correctly display.

Real Racing 3 Customization Update (v2.1)

Firemonkeys posted: March 7, 2014

Hit the track in personalised style in this massive car customization update! Give each and every one of 80+ vehicles a visual overhaul, then share with your friends and rivals via the new Photo Mode. To top it all off, Aston Martin has arrived to the delight of luxury sports cars enthusiasts everywhere!

Customization – Change rims, tweak ride height, and apply a multitude of awesome vinyls using the powerful customization tools.

• Photo Mode – Pause the action and capture the moment. Apply filters and share with ease!

• New Cars – Aston Martin’s DB9, Vanquish and V12 Vantage S bring power and performance matched with exhilarating design.

• New All Star Vendetta Series – Pick your favourite manufacturer and clinch victory.

• Gold Achievements – Hit the milestones and collect bonus Gold for your efforts!

• iOS 7 Controller Support – Get the traditional controller experience anywhere, any time.

Version 2.1 Notes


Customization – Apply vinyl, paint, rims, and more to give your cars a unique style in this deep customization tool.

Photo Mode – Stop the action at any time and capture the moment. Apply different effects and then share to your social networks.

New Cars – Aston Martin’s DB9, Vanquish and V12 Vantage S bring power and performance matched with exhilarating design.

Aston Martin Expedition Series – Commandeer these distinctive hand-crafted cars the ultimate driving pleasure.

All Star Vendetta Series – Pick your favourite manufacturer and clinch victory.

iOS 7 Controller Support – Get the traditional controller experience anywhere, anytime.

General Game Improvements

Racing in Time Trial Tournaments or Real-Time Multiplayer will no longer change the currently selected car in Career mode.

Added Customization Achievements.

Steering Assist now features “Off”, “Low” and the new “High” setting. Players previously using “On” have been migrated to “Low”, new players default to “High”.

Cloud saves are auto-uploaded after every Real Racing store purchase.

When not coming 1st, failing to earn Crew Bonus is better communicated.

Paints changes are now purchased once and can be changed forever for free.

Avatar will now correctly display when racing your own ghost locally.

Resolved issue where AI could get stuck against a wall and not be able to reverse out.

Resolved incorrect clean race bonus when using The Manager.

Real-Time Multiplayer

Resolved an issue with incorrect opponent result times when the opponent retires.

Opponent’s wheels now spin correctly.

Added Lap Count for upcoming race to the Car Selection Screen.

Resolve issue of Race Start Countdown being skipped when using invites to create a game.

Resolved minor localization issues.

Time Trial Tournaments

Resolved issue on Time Trial Leaderboards not displaying a player’s group correctly.


Improvements to a variety of cars to allow better viewing from the cockpit with a damaged bonnet.

Added new livery for Hyundai i20 WRC


Added extra barriers to final chicane of Catalunya GP to address cheating in Time Trials


Daily Race Bonus notification now has be viewed in order to collect it, to better communicate when bonuses are being received.

Featured content banner can now be swiped to display the next set of content.

Updated Manufacturer Selection screen to display more manufacturers and also display owned vs total models available from that manufacturer.

Manufacturers are now listed alphabetically.

Added additional confirmation dialogues when spending Gold.

100% Series completion banner is now colored gold.

Main menu now displays time remaining for Time Trial and Real-Time Multiplayer tournaments.

Main menu Real-Time Multiplayer button now displays global number of players active.

Resolved accidental press of buy mechanic button by adjusting interface.

Resolved incorrect messaging when Cloud Saving without internet connectivity.

Added draggable scroll bar at the bottom on the main menu to better communicate where a player is in the interface.


Numerous load time improvements

Leaderboards will now only fully populate when a player enters the full list.

Improved memory management for stability on low end devices.

User interface performance improvements


Local notifications won't post between 10pm and 8am.

New notification sound.

Real Racing 3 Supercars Update (v2.0)

Firemonkeys posted: December 18, 2013 Tear up the track with both friends and rivals, and get behind the wheel of a new generation of flagship Supercars.

• New Cars – the Lamborghini Veneno and McLaren P1™ join the high profile roster of 79 fully licensed vehicles

• New Vertex event series – race the new Supercars in a deep Career Series featuring epic Cup races

• Special Holiday Livery – free for your Ford Focus RS

• (App Store Only) New Mode – hit the asphalt with up to four friends or rivals in Real-Time Multiplayer via Game Center™

What’s Ahead for Real Racing 3

Firemonkeys posted: December 13, 2013


Hey Racers,

We know some of you are wondering why Real-Time Multiplayer is App Store and Game Center exclusive, so we thought we’d fill you in.

Real Racing 3 is nearly a year old now, and it’s here to stay. The year ahead is an exciting one, with a long road map of where we want the game to go. One of those places is Real-Time Multiplayer. We know you have all wanted it, and we’ve been wanting it too!

A quality multiplayer experience isn’t a straightforward thing to create. In terms of both design and technology, there are a lot of factors that contribute to creating fun and balanced online gameplay.

As such, we made the decision to release Real-Time Multiplayer on the App Store and Game Center first as it allows us to start delivering on our long-term plans faster than we could otherwise. We want this to be as awesome as possible, so we want to hear from you!

When the update releases, go and play. Play with friends and strangers. Challenge yourself or simply show off. Tell us what you don’t enjoy and what you love. Let us know how we can make this the best multiplayer racing experience, on mobile or any platform!

The future is exciting, and we’re looking forward to hearing everything you have to say!

-The Real Racing 3 Team

Real Racing 3 Ferrari Secondo Update (v1.5)

Firemonkeys posted: November 21, 2013

Experience the pinnacle of Italian engineering with hot new vehicles from the world’s most desired and cutting edge manufacturer: Ferrari.

• New Cars – the Enzo Ferrari joins the family of extreme performance cars, along with the 458 Spider and 599 GTO

• Weekly Time Trial Tournaments – climb to the top of global leaderboards and win huge R$ and Gold prizes!

• Race Replays – relive your victory with full cinematic cameras and playback controls

• 4 New Event Series – dominate the competition in over 100 new events

Real Racing 3 Ferrari Update (v1.4)

Firemonkeys posted: October 16, 2013

The latest update, which features Ferrari, also includes improvements to the way that Time Trials work. We’re tightening up regulations so that vying for the top spot on the leaderboard is even more gratifying, and we’ve added a new way to compare and compete.

Off-track disqualification is one of the biggest changes in this update: if all four wheels of your vehicle go off the track during a Time Trial, your time for that attempt will be considered invalid and the result will not be submitted to the leaderboard.

Additionally, this update will introduce seasonal leaderboards: Time Trial leaderboards will now only show the results submitted for the current update, and the competition will start anew for each update. If you’ve completed a Series to 100% prior to this reset and you race in the new Time Trials to bring the Series back up to 100% complete, you will collect another small Series completion bonus!

Ghost Challenges have also been included, which allow you to download and race against any player’s Time Trial ghost lap. This is a great opportunity to learn from the best or start a rivalry with Friends. Look for the “VS” button next to each entry on the leaderboard to access this feature.

We hope you enjoy these changes.

The Real Racing 3 team


Firemonkeys posted: (Exact date unknown - around Ferrari Update (1.4) - October 2013) From version 1.4 of Real Racing 3, there are 3 different Crew members that you can utilise to give you bonuses when you race:

Manager – doubles R$ race winnings if you win the event. Agent – doubles Fame if you win the event. Auto Engineer – no change in Servicing condition of the vehicle that you're currently using if you win the event. Crew members will sporadically be available to give you a bonus at no charge. The game will let you know when you have a Crew member free to help you out! Winning events attracts the attention of the Crew and makes them offer their services at no charge more frequently.

If a Crew member is not free when you want to utilise their bonus, you can pay Gold to hire them immediately.

Crew members will also level up as your Garage Value increases. Your Garage Value is defined by the combined cost of the cars you own and upgrades that are applied to them.

Leveling up a Crew member allows you to utilise their bonus in the corresponding section of the career. E.g. If your Manager is Amateur and you want to use them in an event that occurs in the Pro section of the career (as indicated by the labels running along the top of the main menu), you will have to increase your Garage Value until the Manager reaches Pro level. The amount you have to increase your Garage Value to level the Crew member up is indicated on the Crew hire popup.

Your feedback matters to us!

Firemonkeys posted: October 8, 2013

Please take a few minutes to complete the Real Racing 3 survey. Your feedback is important to us in how we can make Real Racing 3 a better experience for all of our players.

This survey should only take about 5 – 10 minutes of your time. Your answers will be completely anonymous.

Click on this to start the survey

Thank you for your participation.

Real Racing Team

Interview with Porsche Works Drivers Marc Lieb & Romain Dumas

Firemonkeys posted: September 20, 2013

With motorsports wins all across the globe, the Porsche 911 is one of history’s most successful vehicles for automotive competition.

Acclaimed Porsche Works drivers Marc Lieb and Romain Dumas recently took the time discuss the PORSCHE flagship car.

Real Racing 3 Porsche Update (v1.3.5)

Firemonkeys Posted: September 5, 2013

Real Racing 3 has launched a new content update that celebrates 50 years of the iconic PORSCHE 911.

The “Porsche Update” update brings seven all-new Porsche cars to the game, a new series, new events, and VIP delivery!

Get behind the wheel of seven new Porsche including the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 (1972), the 911 GT2 (2003), and the all-new 911 RSR (2013).

Check out the Available Now trailer below, and then get a rundown from Real Racing 3 Producer Kynan Woodman on the seven unique PORSCHE available in the PORSCHE Update.

Real Racing 3 Porsche Update Coming Soon!

Firemonkeys posted: September 3, 2013

The Porsche Update is coming soon to Real Racing 3! Featuring seven generations of the iconic Porsche 911 and an all-new series of competitive racing! See a sneak peek on our Facebook page here.

Real Racing 3 American Muscle Car Update Producer Video

Firemonkeys posted: August 30, 2013

Real Racing 3 Producer Kynan Woodman takes us through Real Racing 3′s American Muscle Car Update.

Get a rundown of features on the latest update which includes classic American muscle cars from Dodge and Shelby, physics enhancements, and a new challenging series.

Real Racing 3 American Muscle Update (v1.3)

Firemonkeys posted: August 24, 2013

Real Racing 3 has launched a new content update that brings classic American Muscle cars into the game’s diverse garage.

The “American Muscle” update brings all-new features to the game including new cars, new events, more competitive skill adjustment, and a number of physics enhancements to recreate realistic pitch and bodyroll.

Along with the new game content, the American Muscle Update also includes changes to include additional networking options for Time Shift Multiplayer and Cloud Save functionality.

Real Racing 3 Prestige Update (v1.2)

Firemonkeys posted: July 3, 2013

Real Racing 3 has launched a new content update that introduces a number of new features to create a more competitive and streamlined gameplay experience.

The “Prestige” update brings all-new features to the game including new cars, a Time Trial mode, as well as a cleaner user interface and updated career progression mechanic that improves competition. In addition, fans can now get behind the wheel of brand new cars from Mercedes-Benz and Bentley, as well as receive a Clean Race Bonus which rewards good drivers for making it through races unscathed.

Time Trial Mode, the most requested feature by our community, allows players to challenge themselves, their friends and the world as they move up the leaderboard.

Real Racing 3 Dubai Update (v1.1.2 / v1.1.11)

Firemonkeys posted: June 3, 2013

Real Racing 3 has launched a new content update that features one of the world’s most challenging tracks, brand new cars from Lexus and Dodge, and 50+ new events!

Players can now race on the all-new Dubai Autodrome with six different track layouts, challenging players to navigate technically tight corners and heart-pumping straights. Race during the day or experience twilight, while mastering one of the world’s most difficult tracks.

Four new cars join the extensive lineup, including the prestigious Lexus IS-F and Lexus LFA, along with the powerful Dodge Charger SRT8 and Dodge Charger RT. With more than 800 million races completed to date and 16 million races completed each day, players are sure to enjoy 50+ new events added across two series. Including this update, there are now more than 50 cars and 1000+ events available for players in Real Racing 3.

Real Racing 3 Dubai update coming soon!

Firemonkeys Posted: May 27, 2013

The Dubai Update is coming soon to Real Racing 3! Featuring twilight racing at the Dubai Autodrome! See a sneak peek on our Facebook page here


Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 has been updated to version 1.1.1 on the App Store and version 1.1.7 on Google Play. Update now! The update includes the following bug fixes:

• Resolved an issue where certain text wasn’t displaying correctly • Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 scaling issue fixed • All series completion % values should now be accurate • Friends stats leaderboard on the main menu is now capped to 20 rows to improve performance • Push Notifications now take you to the correct menu once tapped

Interested in discussing this update with many other racers? Join our forum! With have a topic here specifically for this update.

We appreciate the continued help of players to identify and detail bugs. The Firemonkeys are dedicated to updating our games regularly to make sure they deliver the very best gaming experience. If you have any issues to report or suggestions to make, please visit our support site at

Chevrolet Update (v1.1)

Firemonkeys Posted: April 12, 2013

The Chevrolet Update is now available on the App Store, coming soon to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore!

Feature list:

• New manufacturer – Chevrolet! The Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL1 join the lineup • New event type – Hunter! Chase down the hunted car and overtake within one lap • 100+ new events! Total number of events now exceeds 1,000! • Cloud Save functionality! Transfer your save data between devices • New social features! See who is online and compare how your friends are doing with the statistics leaderboard • Check your TSM mailbox for the latest friend notifications • Improved tutorial and main menu • Numerous additional improvements, fixes, and performance optimizations —– We appreciate the continued help of players to identify and detail bugs. The Firemonkeys are dedicated to updating our games regularly to make sure they deliver the very best gaming experience. If you have any issues to report or suggestions to make, please visit our support site:

Real Racing 3 Chevrolet Update coming soon!

Firemonkeys Posted: April 5, 2013

The first major update to Real Racing 3 is coming soon! See a sneak peek on our Facebook page here.

Real Racing 3 now available – join our community!

Firemonkeys Posted: February 28, 2013

Real Racing 3 is now available worldwide on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. Download here.

Why not join our active community? There are thousands of racers discussing the game right now. Join us!

Real Racing 3 Developer Diary: Real People

Firemonkeys Posted: February 1, 2013

The Firemonkeys discuss a revolutionary new way to play with friends using Time Shifted Multiplayer™ technology in the third developer diary for Real Racing 3.

With Real Racing 3′s Time Shifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) you can race anyone, anytime, even if they’re offline! Every single career event is filled with the fully interactive AI controlled time shift doubles of your Game Center or Facebook friends, as well as other players from around the world.

Real Racing 3 Developer Diary: Real Tracks

Firemonkeys Posted: January 15, 2013 The Firemonkeys discuss the addition of real tracks in the second developer diary for Real Racing 3.

Real Racing 3 lets gamers compete against friends and rival drivers from around the world. Fans can race on real world circuits with powerful dream cars from all-new manufacturers like Porsche, Audi, and Dodge. With the improvements achieved with Real Racing 2, the team aimed to raise the bar on expectations and continue to give their artists the ability to create the most realistic graphic effects on cars on an individual basis. Including realistic reflections, customizable cars and improved details down to glosses and finishes, Real Racing 3 delivers the unique experience of speeding in some of the best cars on world famous race tracks.

Real Racing 3 Featured on Stage at Apple’s Press Conference

Firemonkeys Posted: September 12, 2012

Did you tune in today to Apple’s press conference? Are you excited for the new iPhone? We are too – especially after seeing our own Real Racing 3 on stage to demonstrate the graphic capabilities of the device.

We gave a first look of Real Racing 3 back at EA’s Summer Showcase event and impressed media and fans when we told them the high-quality graphics in our trailer video below was actual gameplay footage. Today you got to see what it will look like on the iPhone 5, which is the first phone that has the hardware to accurately display the game in all its glory – from the incredibly detailed cars, to track models, to the dynamic reflections. Now the cars in Real Racing 3 look like the real deal with chrome alloys, carbon fiber, leather interiors, and even metallic and pearlescent paint. We’ve also announced an all-new rear view mirror that will give players important cues about their competitors, as well as time shifted multiplayer, a brand new feature that leverages Game Center iOS 6 challenges.

Time shifted multiplayer in action

As Rob Murray, Executive Producer at Firemonkeys said: “Apple technology continues to evolve the mobile games experience, and we believe games like Real Racing 3 best highlight what consumers have to look forward to with these advancements. The game’s dynamic reflections, sharp track shadows and other beautifully detailed assets will take full advantage of the iPhone 5’s new visual capabilities to deliver a stunning mobile gaming experience that rivals many console games.”

What do you guys think? Excited to play Real Racing 3 on the iPhone 5 when the game launches later this year? Click here to join us on Facebook!

Announcing Real Racing 3 (v1.0)

Firemonkeys Posted: August 3, 2012

The Real Racing series was developed by Firemint in 2009 and the recently announced Firemonkeys team is excited to unveil a few features from the newest iteration of the series. Featuring all-new licensed tracks and a robust lineup of licensed cars from all-new manufacturers, Real Racing 3 is set to deliver a rich, next-gen racing experience with the most beautiful and authentic circuit racing available on mobile devices.


Gamers will enjoy graphics that have been meticulously hand crafted to produce photorealistic visuals as they zoom around in cars from manufacturers like Porsche, Dodge and Audi.


For the first time in the series, Real Racing 3 will also include a full lineup of real world tracks from the top names around the world including Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Silverstone. With a 22 car grid, gamers will be able to pit themselves against 21 other drivers in one race.


Fans can experience the glory of championship racing on real tracks recreating the full race-day pressure and environment in a game that harnesses the full power of mobile hardware to produce a beautiful racing environment.

Stay tuned for more information on Real Racing 3 coming in 2012!


  1. Red Bull Ring is actually located in Austria, not Australia
  2. The McLaren 720S Coupe (Exclusive Series) was added in v5.6.0, the Aston Martin Vantage AMR Pro (Exclusive Series) was added in V6.0.0
  3. EA News posted as April 29, actually was June 29

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