Featuring luxury grand tourers
— In-game description


Expert is the fifth category that the player will go through in Real Racing 3, just before Master, and just after Pro . It starts with the career series Accolade Open with the 2 bonus series being V10 Grand Open, and Muscle and Prestige. After Accolade Open is the Marquis World Championship which was a special event and now part of this category. The next career series is the Prestige Powermatch with the bonus series being Spadaconcept Supercar Showcase and Factory Faceoff. The last career series in this category is the Aston Martin Expedition with the four bonus series being Luxury Tourer Tournament, Track Aces, Porsche Supremacy and Unleashed World Series.


  • Accolade OpenGo to Accolade Open
  • V10 Grand OpenGo to V10 Grand Open
  • Muscle and PrestigeGo to Muscle and Prestige
  • Marquis World ChampionshipGo to Marquis World Championship
  • Prestige PowermatchGo to Prestige Powermatch
  • Factory FaceoffGo to Factory Faceoff
  • Spadaconcept Supercar ShowcaseGo to Spadaconcept Supercar Showcase
  • Aston Martin ExpeditionGo to Aston Martin Expedition
  • Luxury Tourer TournamentGo to Luxury Tourer Tournament
  • Track AcesGo to Track Aces
  • Porsche SupremacyGo to Porsche Supremacy
  • Unleashed World SeriesGo to Unleashed World Series

Manufacturers and cars

The player will come across 14 manufacturers:

And across 28 cars:


Categories (9)
AmateurNASCARPro/AmProExpertMasterEliteLegendExclusive Series

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