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Manufacturer Dodge Challenger R/T
Showcase Dodge Challenger RT
Class P
Icon Engine Front-Mounted
Icon Drivetrain RWD
Icon Transmission Manual 6-speed
R$icon R$43,595
Icon Service R$532
25 minutes
The Dodge Challenger R/T is part of the third generation series of the Dodge Challenger. It was mostly based on the 2006 Dodge Challenger Concept which has had some of its design adapted from the Dodge '71 Challenger RT.

The engine of this car is a 5.7L V8 with a drivetrain layout of Front-Engine, Rear-Wheel Drive


The Dodge Challenger R/T is available to use in the Pure Stock Challenge and its sub-racing series Global Production Pursuit which both can be found within the Amateur racing career. It can also be used in the V8 Muscle Hustle series which is present within the Pro/Amateur racing career.

This vehicle can be obtained for 32 Goldicon as well as for R$43,595 or R$34,876 upon showcase discount offer, with a delivery waiting time of 4 hours. It is unlocked as soon as the dealership is open to the player. It can also be obtained for ?? Goldicon as a 'Get it Now' price.


Stage PR Top Speed Acc. Braking Cornering Cost Parts
12.2 170 mph
273 kph
5.00 s. 112.0 ft.
34.1 m.
0.89 g. R$43,595
Max PR
21.7 180 mph
290 kph
4.66 s. 106.0 ft.
32.3 m.
0.99 g. R$67,800 12
Max PR
w/ Goldicon
23.4 183 mph
294 kph
4.59 s. 106.0 ft.
32.3 m.
0.99 g. +6 Goldicon
(21 Goldicon)

Upgrades (14)Edit

Upgrade Duration R$ Gold
1 Engine: Basic Engine Tuning 2 minutes R$4,200 1 Goldicon
2 Engine: Mid-Spec ECU 5 minutes R$6,300 1 Goldicon
3 Engine: Performance Intake Manifold 10 minutes R$9,600 2 Goldicon
4 Engine: Performance Fuel Injectors - - 3 Goldicon
1 Drivetrain: General Analysis & Overhaul 2 minutes R$3,900 1 Goldicon
2 Drivetrain: Updated Sports Gearbox 5 minutes R$5,900 1 Goldicon
3 Drivetrain: Lightweight Aluminium Flywheel 10 minutes R$8,900 2 Goldicon
4 Drivetrain: Uprated Sports Driveshaft - - 3 Goldicon
1 Brakes: Uprated Sports Brake Pads 10 minutes R$2,800 1 Goldicon
2 Brakes: Uprated Sports Brake Discs 10 minutes R$4,100 1 Goldicon
3 Brakes: Uprated Sports Calipers 10 minutes R$6,300 1 Goldicon
1 Tires & Wheels: Sports Compound 2 minutes R$3,300 1 Goldicon
2 Tires & Wheels: Lightweight Sports Rims 5 minutes R$5,000 1 Goldicon
3 Tires & Wheels: Camber Alignment 10 minutes R$7,500 2 Goldicon


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