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Manufacturer BMW Z4 sDrive35is
Showcase BMW Z4 sDrive35is
Class P
Icon Engine Front-Mounted
Icon Drivetrain RWD
Icon Transmission 7-speed
R$icon R$89,700
Icon Service R$792
1 hour 10 minutes

The BMW Z4 sDrive35is' production was launched in 2009 and is the top trim-level of of the second generation BMW Z4 (E89). Unlike the Z4's predecessor (E85), the second generation Z4 is built in BMW's Regensburg assembly in Germany alongside with its sister models BMW Z4 sDrive28i and sDrive30i.

The engine of this car is a 3.0L I-6, with a drivetrain layout of Front-Engine, Rear-Wheel Drive (Classified as FR).


The Z4 sDrive35is is available to use in two different racing series which are Street-Spec Skirmish and its sub-series 6 Cyl Annihilation Series. Both can be found within the Amateur Category.

It can be obtained for R$89,700 as well as for R$71,160 with a delivery waiting time of 6 hours when unlocked as a one-time offer upon unlocking it. It can also be obtained for free after completing Racing School Advanced in 24 hours.

Characteristics Edit

Stage PR Top Speed Acc. Braking Cornering Cost Parts
19.3 155 mph
249 kph
4.80 s. 106.0* ft.
32.3* m.
0.96 g. R$89,700
Max PR
29.0 176 mph
284 kph
4.45 s. 101.3* ft.
30.8* m.
1.05 g. R$135,800 17
Max PR
w/ Goldicon
30.7 181 mph
291 kph
4.40 s. 101.0* ft.
30.7* m.
1.05 g. +17 Goldicon
(47 Goldicon)

*Unofficial data

Upgrades (20)Edit

Upgrade Duration R$ Gold
1 Engine: Basic Engine Tuning 5 minutes R$5,100 1 Goldicon
2 Engine: Mid-Spec ECU 10 minutes R$7,700 2 Goldicon
3 Engine: Performance Intake Manifold 30 minutes R$11,500 3 Goldicon
4 Engine: Performance Fuel Injectors 1h 30m R$17,300 4 Goldicon
5 Engine: Performance Engine Tuning - - 7 Goldicon
1 Drivetrain: General Analysis & Overhaul 5 minutes R$4,800 1 Goldicon
2 Drivetrain: Uprated Sports Gearbox 10 minutes R$7,100 1 Goldicon
3 Drivetrain: Lightweight Aluminium Flywheel 30 minutes R$10,700 2 Goldicon
4 Drivetrain: Uprated Sports Driveshaft 1h 30m R$16,100 4 Goldicon
5 Drivetrain: Custom Sports Differential - - 6 Goldicon
1 Suspension: General Suspension Tuning 5 minutes R$4,400 1 Goldicon
2 Suspension: Uprated Sports Shocks 10 minutes R$6,500 1 Goldicon
3 Suspension: Lightweight Sports Swaybar 30 minutes R$9,800 2 Goldicon
4 Suspension: Fully Adjustable Sports Shocks - - 4 Goldicon
1 Brakes: Uprated Sports Brake Pads 5 minutes R$3,300 1 Goldicon
2 Brakes: Uprated Sports Brake Discs 10 minutes R$5,000 1 Goldicon
3 Brakes: Uprated Sports Calipers 30 minutes R$7,500 2 Goldicon
1 Tires & Wheels: Sports Compund 5 minutes R$4,000 1 Goldicon
2 Tires & Wheels: Lightweight Sports Rims 10 minutes R$6,000 1 Goldicon
3 Tires & Wheels: Camber Alignment 30 minutes R$9,000 2 Goldicon


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